Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Access a highly skilled team of security analysts to help monitor and alert your organization to  potential threats.


Augmented security.

Combine your security team with our experienced SOC and security incident and event management (SIEM) experts.

Customized services

Get solutions tailored to your unique requirements with the flexibility to change as your needs change.

24/7 security monitoring

Gain 24/7 access to  monitoring, extensive global threat visibility and expert analysis.

Products and services

Advanced SOC

Help monitor potential threats with a tailored security service.

Managed SIEM

Help secure your system with accurate threat assessment data.

Customer success story

FUJIFILM deploys Verizon’s Advanced SOC.

Using Verizon’s SOC has allowed FUJIFILM to address incidents that could become threats if left alone.

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  • Lack of skilled and seasoned SOC staff
  • Dealing with too many alerts or too many tools
  • Inability to realize value from cybersecurity investments such as in-house SOC tools and resources
  • Lack of automation, orchestration, playbooks
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and context
  • Technology stack (i.e., SIEM, SOAR, UBA and ticketing)
  • People (i.e., SOC analysts, threat hunters and SIEM/SOAR engineers)
  • SOC processes (i.e., investigative response, hunting, vulnerability management)
  • Governance (i.e., policies, stakeholder and continuous improvement)
  • Data sources (i.e., prioritization, application programming interfaces [APIs], syslogs, IoT, access and identity management and vulnerability data)
  • Threat intelligence (i.e., strategic, tactical and operational)
  • Global visibility and security intelligence: Verizon is a core carrier of internet backbone, offers deep breach and threat insights with its Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) and Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC)
  • Flexibility: Integrated security model, SIEM agnostic, use Cortex security orchestration and automation and response 
  • Deep expertise: SOCs and access to global Advanced SOC teams
  • Verizon tenure exceeds industry average: 9+ years in IT security, 13+ years in IT industry and 12+ years in operations management
  • 160+ unique industry/vendor certifications: Such as CISSP/CISM, SANS and ITIL/COBIT. Plus, technology partner training and certifications
  • Broad experience: Such as Fortune 500, armed forces, intelligence and critical infrastructure

A managed SIEM provides:

  • Dedicated SIEM management of customer’s Securonix, Microsoft, Qradar or Splunk SIEM
  • Shared SOC resources
  • Options for standard Managed SIEM and limited Managed SIEM customizations
  • Verizon tools (Unified Security Portal and ticketing)
  • Automated response via XSOAR

An advanced SOC provides:

  • Designated SOC resources
  • Options for standard SOC and customized SOC
  • Customer-provided tools
  • Automated response via XSOAR


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