Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Verizon Professional Services experts can provide you with a dedicated, proactive threat response.

  • Expert assistance and technology to secure your enterprise

  • Our Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Services gives you access to a highly skilled team of security analysts to help monitor your events and alert you to imminent threats. We have the threat intelligence to know how attackers operate, and by working onsite with your team and giving you access to forensics, remediation and customizable services, we can better help you stop attacks.

  • Our products and tools

  • Managed Security Incident Event Management   

    With Managed Security Information and Event Management (Managed SIEM), our SOC analysts monitor security alerts gathered by your in-house SIEM and escalate any critical incidents in a timely manner.

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  • World-class incident response

    Leverage our security intelligence, reporting and expertise for better incident response.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Tailor the solution to scale and grow to meet your changing needs.

  • Advanced Security Operations Center   

    Get curated daily threat intelligence feeds as well as hands-on monitoring and anomaly detection from remote Verizon security analysts who can help you pinpoint potential attacks and alert you to immediate dangers facing your business.

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  • Greater context

    Cross-correlate various events with better visibility into backbone, network and security device data.

  • Greater insights

    Enhance your view of the current and future threat landscape with Verizon threat intelligence feeds.

  • Tailored Security Engagements   

    Get a holistic view of the efficiency and effectiveness of your cybersecurity monitoring ecosystem.

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  • Boost your SOC.

    Enhance or standardize your operational cybersecurity posture and ensure that it aligns with your threat landscape.

  • Optimize your SIEM.

    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your SIEM, content development, use case management and incident remediation processes.

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