Rapid Response Retainer

Help get ahead, and stay ahead, of cyberthreats.

What it is

Rapid Response Retainer services can help you better prepare for security incidents before they happen.

Assess risks

Get health checks and incident response planning as part of your proactive assessment.

Begin planning

Proactively plan and deploy response solutions with expert help.

Remain vigilant

Use add-on security capabilities from the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center to help deepen your threat detection.


Early preparation

Help proactively manage risk.


Help augment your incident response capabilities.

Cost control

Effectively manage costs in the event of cyber incidents.

Network security

Leverage network sensors to get forensic reporting that could help reduce the time to respond to, and recover from, security incidents.


Customize solutions to your cyber risk profile.


Proactive incident response planning

Our experts assess your current security procedures, help identify gaps and make suggestions to address them.

Strong SLAs

Use predeployed capabilities to help meet short response times (as per SLAs).

Tailored services

Select add-ons from network or endpoint telemetry analysis to dark-web hunting or our backbone netflow collection.

Dedicated emergency assistance

Work with your own dedicated investigative liaison as a single point of contact during a breach.

Incident response support

Contact our incident response hotline 24/7 and get help from our global teams and threat intelligence platform.

Security transformation

Get proactive incident response services customized to your cyber risk profile from our dedicated team of experts.

Small business

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to who they attack. Small businesses also need robust security practices. Rapid Response Retainer offers a streamlined, easy-to-use solution that can be quickly deployed.

Public sector

Help minimize the time it takes for your organization to contain and recover from a breach. Our experts will help provide a proactive incident response assessment customized to your cyber risk profile. Read the solution brief and contact a Public Sector representative at 1-844-724-0740.


Learn how a major financial system helped protect its assets with the help of Rapid Response Retainer from Verizon.

Why choose us

A proven security partner


VTRAC engagements conducted over the past
20 years


Digital forensic cases worldwide each year

10+ M

Alerts and 500,000+ incidents (on average) monitored each year


Intelligence resources

The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) analyzes security issues and hosts monthly intelligence briefings on the latest cybersecurity threats.

Explore VTRAC

2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

This year, we analyzed a staggering 30,458 real-world security incidents. Download the DBIR to find out more about the cyber threats your organization might be up against.

Read the report

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Incident response services can help organizations of all sizes proactively manage risk by helping to optimize remediation measures with advanced planning, forward-deployed capabilities and on-demand resources for incident response. Plus, it can help you control the costs of defending against and recovering from cyberattacks.

Cybercrime and data breaches are serious risks regardless of industry vertical or organization size, although the type and frequency of the attacks may differ to some degree. Deploying incident response capabilities and retaining expertise to assist with responding to cyberbreaches can help organizations reduce risk, manage cost and successfully navigate the bigger picture with regard to the threat landscape while remaining aware of what is most likely to affect you in particular.

No. They are quite distinct. Cyber insurance underwrites the coverage, while the Rapid Response Retainer provides the incident response services, including readiness and investigation. Verizon is an approved provider on most major cyber insurance carriers. Contact the VTRAC team if you find a cyber insurance carrier for which we are not on their approved provider list and we can attempt to get ourselves added. Verizon personnel should refrain from making comments regarding what items might be covered by a client’s insurance, as all insurance policies are different.

By contacting Verizon via the IR Hotline, or using the Rapid Response Retainer mobile app, clients receive all of this information related to their available escalation channels and methods as part of the Rapid Response Retainer onboarding process that takes place shortly after the service activation date.


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