Digital Intelligence

Evolve to real-time, in-building connectivity and operational efficiency with 5G, mobile edge computing and network-as-a-service solutions.

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Don’t just connect your business. Partner with Verizon to make it even smarter. Hospitals today are using digital solutions to help enhance patient experiences, improve asset tracking, enable cutting-edge technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, and safeguard data. Our advanced 5G network and solutions are built to promote operational efficiency and support critical applications. Let's achieve enterprise intelligence.

5G access requires a 5G-capable device in a 5G coverage area.

Managed and Professional services

From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our consultants have the deep industry expertise needed to help you develop strategies that will drive results.

Managed Network Services

Trust us to help you manage the day-to-day tasks that help keep your network secure and agile.

Managed Security Services

Proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats with our monitoring and management services.

Contact Center Managed Services

Let us manage your contact center solution while you focus on delivering and meeting customer expectations.

Visualizing the future of connected healthcare

Explore our interactive cityscape to see how connected healthcare solutions can help experts deliver better care to patients in the hospital and beyond.

Other healthcare solutions

Patient experience

Increase satisfaction and loyalty with a range of omnichannel and digital customer experiences.

Security and privacy

Proactively identify and respond to threats to keep sensitive information secure.

Remote care

Streamline telehealth to expand the reach, convenience and effectiveness of care.

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