Take a smarter approach to social insights.

Listen to and join relevant conversations as they’re happening.

Social media can build or destroy your brand as consumers play out their interactions in complete transparency and full public view. Social Engagement enables your marketing and digital teams to listen to, chime in on and analyze traffic, plus generate outbound campaigns across social platforms based on topics and keywords important to your brand.

What is Social Engagement?

Social Engagement helps you connect with your customers through social media. We’ll provide you with detailed insights on the emotions, needs and products your customers relate to. You’ll learn what people are saying about your brand and where, so you can mitigate social media crises and inform your advertising strategy.

How does Social Engagement work?

Social Engagement, delivered via software as a service, uses natural language processing and trend analysis to highlight relevant public social media posts that are important to your brand. Manage engagement and respond to comments with a mobile app. Track ad performance against engagement metrics via an interactive dashboard.

  • Social Engagement in action.

Features & benefits

Social Engagement gives you the tools to listen, engage, perform analysis and generate outbound campaigns across social channels.

  • Sentiment tracking. Understand language, emotion, slang and sarcasm via smart monitoring
  • Engagement. Create meaningful one-to-one engagements with consumers and influencers
  • Auto-routing. Route high-priority posts and confirm resolutions from one interface
  • Comparative analysis. Understand your share of voice and uncover actionable insights

Social Engagement Modules

Social Engagement is delivered in three modules:  Social Intelligence, Command Center and Outbound Campaigns.

Social Intelligence

Use natural language processing to track sentiment, identify influencers and alert you to respond to critical posts in near real time.

Command Center

Cluster trending topics and unstructured social data into useful insights.

Outbound Campaigns

Run, measure and track your ad performance from a single dashboard.

Why Verizon Social Engagement?

  • Find trending topics related to the brand or market
  • Understand your share of voice on social media and reveal meaningful, actionable insights
  • Route high-priority posts to the right person in your organization
  • Find and approve user-generated content in a streamlined workflow

Managed & professional services

We provide you with an end-to-end portfolio of customer experience (CX)-related professional services, including consultation, configuration, system integrations, solution performance monitoring, analysis and training. 

Our comprehensive e-learning program, along with CX consultation, will help you get ahead of the learning curve when deploying and managing social engagement tools.