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  • Choose the Business Unlimited smartphone plan and 5G Business Internet or LTE Business Internet plan that fit your needs to unlock monthly savings.

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    Pair 5G Business Internet or LTE Business Internet with a Business Unlimited plan and save every month.

    Offer for new and existing business customers only who sign up for both a (i) qualifying LTE Business Internet Mobile Broadband (LTE BI) OR 5G Business Internet (5G BI) plan & (ii) qualifying Verizon Wireless Business Unlimited plan (eligible smartphone required, device payment purchase or bring your own device). Existing customers are eligible with LTE BI or 5G BI plan upgrade or Business Unlimited plan upgrade or a new line, as applicable. Customers with LTE BI at the 50 Mbps speed tier OR 5G BI at the 400 Mbps speed tier and Business Unlimited Pro plan (at least 1 line) are eligible for a total credit of $80/mo offer, all other combinations of service plans are eligible for a total credit of $40/mo offer. Offer fulfilled as a credit of $40/mo or $80/mo, as applicable, to your Verizon account. Credit is fulfilled at an account level and only one promotional credit is allowed per account. Discount is applied once both services are activated. All discounts apply as long as Verizon provides & business maintains both services at the qualifying levels. Limited time only.
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    Combine 5G Business Internet (400 Mbps plan) or LTE Business Internet (50 Mbps plan) with a Business Unlimited Pro plan.

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    Combine any other speed of 5G Business Internet or LTE Business Internet plan with a Business Unlimited plan.

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  • I already have Business Unlimited.

    Great. Pair your qualifying Business Unlimited plan with 5G Business Internet or LTE Business Internet and save every month.


  • I already have 5G Business Internet or LTE Business Internet.

    Combine a qualifying Business Unlimited smartphone plan with your Business Internet and save monthly.

  • I have Business Unlimited and Internet. Can I save?

    Call us. We can help you upgrade to our fastest business mobile and internet plans to save more.

  • How long will it take for my discounts to be applied?

    Once both services are activated, the applicable discounts will be applied to the bill within one to two billing cycles.