IoT Sensor Solution: Critical Asset Sensor

Securely collect and analyze near real-time asset data to help you better manage operations.

  • Smart sensors lead to smart choices.

  • Making effective business decisions takes knowing how your assets are performing at any given moment. Critical Asset Sensor lets you easily collect and analyze data in near real-time. So from improving automation within your supply chain to creating new processes in logistics management, you have the information you need to make the best decisions faster.

Critical Asset Sensor is best for:

  • Fleet tracking


    Organizations that require a multi-sensor device, access to data stream application programming interfaces (APIs)  and Verizon connectivity bundled together



  • iot


    Developers looking for an easy-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) platform that can integrate an asset tracking solution into supply chain and logistics management


  • vbg-clock-blk


    Businesses that need to rapidly deploy IoT sensors in hours or days instead of months or more



  • Explore the possibilities.

  • Our IoT platform, ThingSpace, gives you all the tools to prototype, test, connect and manage your IoT devices on Verizon’s secure and reliable network. See how Critical Asset Sensor uses ThingSpace and how it can help you move your IoT projects forward.

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    What is it?

    Critical Asset Sensor is a bundled IoT solution that contains a multi-sensor device with built-in connectivity as well as Verizon ThingSpace cloud connectors. All of which easily integrate to give you a secure and scalable way to analyze sensor data to manage operations.

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    How does it help you?

    When you use Critical Asset Sensor on ThingSpace, you can deploy and start gathering data in hours, not months. Plus, you’ll have the IoT components you need to securely monitor a wide variety of valuable data, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, ambient light, shock, tilt, vibration and ping on motion/no motion.

Benefits beyond data

Critical Asset Sensor is packed with features that can help make it easy to transform into a data-driven business.

  • A robust, all-in-one solution

    This multi-sensor device has it all, including data connectivity and an IoT management platform.

  • A single API

    Just one interface is all it takes to integrate Critical Asset Sensor with ThingSpace and the cloud services you need.

  • Multi-sensor capabilities

    Each device can gather eight types of measurements, including light, acceleration, temperature, pressure, humidity, GPS and gyroscope.

  • Cloud connection

    Gain easy access to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure thanks to Verizon ThingSpace cloud connectors.

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    Discover how Critical Asset Sensor can help you simplify how you collect and use data.

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  • Simple pricing

    Whether you need 10 units or 10,000, our scalable billing structure helps you efficiently manage costs.

  • Industry-standard IoT security policies

    With secure certificates from a security leader, we can help protect your valuable IoT sensor data.

  • Network leadership

    Not only can you deploy on our massive, reliable IoT LTE-M network now, but we’ll also help get you ready for 5G.

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    With IoT partners like Amazon Web Services, Domo, Microsoft and many others, we have the solutions and expertise you need.