Critical Asset Tracking solution

Near real-time visibility into asset data can help drive business improvements and reduce loss.

  • Stay in control. Track your assets wherever they go.

  • Knowing asset status can make a huge difference in business success. Whether it’s product movement visibility, tracking worksite tools, location awareness of fleet vehicles or insights into your perishables’ condition, Critical Asset Tracking can help.

Critical Asset Tracking is best for:

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    Any size organization, from small to enterprise, needing to track and monitor valuable assets



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    Industries with a proven asset tracking need, such as construction, transportation and manufacturing


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    Leaders in supply chain and logistics looking for more efficiency and reduced waste



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    What is it?

    Critical Asset Tracking combines an advanced, multisensor tracking device, LTE connectivity and a management platform for collecting data on in-transit assets and monitoring them through a web portal.

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    How does it help you?

    It lets you know what’s happening with your assets through status alerts and location information to help you improve business efficiency and performance, and help protect you from theft, loss or damage.

Features and benefits

Critical Asset Tracking helps keep you connected and informed so you have the needed insights to better manage your assets.

  • Location tracking

    Always know where your assets are within the supply chain.

  • Environmental monitoring

    Track the conditions of your assets’ environment, including temperature, humidity, tilt, vibration and shock.

  • Asset alerts

    Get near real-time notifications when conditions pass a certain threshold.

  • Data collection

    Gather data needed to help address regulation compliance, such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

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    With Verizon Connect, we’re one of the largest and most respected telematics and asset tracking providers in the world.