• City of South Amboy fights crime, improves safety with Verizon Intelligent Video and Intelligent Lighting solutions

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Grid Wide Intelligent Lighting

Save energy and improve public safety with smart street lighting technology.

Help save energy, gain efficiencies and address safety concerns with smart lighting. 

Traditional street-lighting infrastructures can be a huge energy—and financial—drain. Fortunately, now there’s a smarter, cost-effective way.

With Verizon Intelligent Lighting, you can remotely operate lights, individually or by group, or program them to turn on, off or dim based on  pre-set definitions. That means lights are on when and where they’re needed, helping to both decrease energy costs and address residents’ safety concerns.

  • What is Intelligent Street Lighting?

    The Verizon Intelligent Lighting platform converts LED fixtures into sensor-equipped smart devices that capture and transmit data in near real time. So you get full control over all lights, insights into the state of your lighting infrastructure, and access to an array of lighting applications and services.


  • How does Intelligent Street Lighting work?

    Intelligent Lighting is a comprehensive solution that includes wireless connectivity, cloud hosting, hardware and software. The lighting control device connects to the Intelligent Lighting platform. Plus, you get analytics that provide internal temperature and energy monitoring.

  • Meet City of South Amboy, New Jersey

    Recently granted $1 million by the state, the town’s decision-makers worked with the South Amboy Police Department to upgrade community public lighting and install security cameras in these vital city districts.

    When it came time to choose a partner with an end-to-end video monitoring solution, city officials chose Verizon.

View your community in a whole new light.

With Intelligent Lighting, you can set parameters to automatically adjust lights based on time of day/day of week schedules, and gain analytics on energy monitoring.

  • Intelligent Lighting platform
  • Features & benefits

    A smart street lighting system is a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way to decrease energy usage and expenses. Smart street lighting can also help address quality of life and safety concerns in your community by letting you quickly know when a light goes out.

    • Gain control. Enables remote operation and control of lights, individually and by group
    • Get information. Delivers near real-time notifications, so you always know when a light goes out
    • Control costs. Monitor energy/power consumption, current, usage duration and more
    • Address safety. Helps residents and visitors feel secure in their surroundings

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