Intelligent Lighting

Put your community in a whole new light using adaptive illumination.

What it is

Intelligent Lighting is a sustainable solution that gives businesses and local governments full control over their lighting infrastructures.

Parking lot with lights


Solution converts LED fixtures into sensor-equipped smart devices.


Devices connected to the Intelligent Lighting platform are scheduled to turn lights on and off, and dim to specific levels to reduce energy usage and operations and maintenance expenses.


System delivers near real-time notifications, so you always know when a light goes out.


Cost management

Reduce energy consumption and boost operational efficiency.

Safety enhancements

Increase vehicle and pedestrian safety at intersections, parking lots and streets.


Implement technologies that are aligned with sustainability goals.



Enable remote operation and control of lights, individually and by group to avoid expensive truck rolls.

Smart information

Receive near real-time notifications for issues like dayburners or lights that are off at night.

Environmental limits

Program dimming schedules to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution.

Customer success story

West Springfield, MA

West Springfield, MA, helped improve light quality and comfort while making town operations more efficient.


Street lights can use a lot of power and maintaining them can be time consuming. That’s why many municipalities and businesses are upgrading their aging street-lighting infrastructures with energy-efficient LEDs. By adding smart controls, you can create greater operational flexibility and more opportunities for energy and maintenance savings.

Intelligent lighting tools help give access to actionable data to manage energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs through improved asset management—all while enhancing public safety.

Typically installed in a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) socket on a street light, lighting control nodes contain hardware and embedded software that function together to control and remotely monitor luminaires. Verizon offers two different types of control nodes—Light Sense node and City Hub.

A smart street-lighting system is a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way to monitor and decrease energy usage, current and duration.


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