Flexible business wireless plans

Connect an unlimited number of devices with shared data.
Customize the amount of data you need for your business.

Price calculator

Use the tool below to determine the right plan for you and its estimated cost.


Taxes, fees and Economic Adjustment Charge apply. Price is autogenerated.

Pick a smartphone plan size.

  • N/A 
  • 2 GB$65/mo
  • 4 GB$75/mo
  • 6 GB$85/mo
  • 8 GB$95/mo
  • 10 GB$105/mo

Pick a tablet plan size.

  • N/A 
  • 100 MB$10/mo
  • 2 GB$35/mo
  • 4 GB$45/mo
  • 6 GB$55/mo
  • 8 GB$65/mo
  • 10 GB$65/mo




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