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  • The 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is built on an analysis of 157,525 security incidents, including 3,950 confirmed data breaches, that occurred between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019. We looked at how trends have changed since the previous year and dig into the overall threat landscape for each industry featured in the report.

  • Who are the victims?


    81% of breaches were discovered in days or less

    81 percent


    72% of breaches involved large business victims

    72 percent


    58% of victims had personal data compromised

    58 percent


    28% of breaches involved small business victims

    28 percent

  • Who’s behind the breaches?


    70% perpetrated by outsiders

    70 percent


    55% perpetrated by organized criminal groups

    55 percent


    30% involved Internal actors

    30 percent


    4% of breaches had four or more attacker action

    4 percent


    1% involved Partners

    1 percent


    1% featured multiple parties

    1 percent



  • What tactics are utilized?


    45% of breaches featured Hacking

    45 percent


    22% included Social attacks

    22 percent


    22% involved Malware

    22 percent


    17% of breaches were caused by Errors

    17 percent


    8% of breaches were Misuse by authorized users

    8 percent


    4% of breaches involved physical actions

    4 percent

  • What are other commonalities?


    85% of breaches were financially motivated

    85 percent


    43% of breaches involved Web Applications

    43 percent


    37% of breaches stole or used credentials

    37 percent


    26% of Malware incidents were Ransomware

    26 percent


    22% of breaches involved Phishing

    22 percent

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