Security Assessment Signup

Let’s get your company’s security rating.

  • How we do it

    With the help of BitSight, our security analysis partner, we’ll rate your company’s security by analyzing publicly observable data about your network, security configuration, risks, and a few other criteria. We only look at data that’s already available—there’s no intrusive testing or network access needed.

  • What you’ll get

    In an email, you’ll get a security rating ranging from 250 to 900, similar to consumer credit scores, based on our analysis. The higher your rating, the better your cybersecurity practices. You’ll see how you’re doing compared to similar businesses in your industry. You’ll also receive recommendations on steps you can take.

  • What we need from you

    All we need is the basic information in the fields below. Nothing secret or proprietary. Once you submit, you can expect an email with your company’s personalized security rating, usually within minutes.

  • Please enter your information

    To be eligible for this security rating, your company’s annual revenue must be less than $100 million. Ratings are based on a range of criteria and we can’t guarantee you’ll receive a rating right away, even if you appear to be eligible.