Mobile device & endpoint security

Simplify how you manage your mobile devices and endpoints, and keep your sensitive data secure.

  • Protect your business’s most valuable data.

  • The ever-increasing number of cyberattacks pose a large threat to the health of any modern organization. Verizon and our technology partners can help you manage and secure your devices and endpoints, protecting you against bad actors. And with a variety of mobile device security and endpoint protection solutions from leading software developers, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the tools that are right for your business. 

  • Our products and tools

  • Endpoint Security   

    Our advanced endpoint protection solutions can help you keep your policies aligned, while helping prevent malware, ransomware and other dangerous exploits from infiltrating your business.

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  • Safeguard endpoints.

    Stay ahead of emerging and sophisticated threats in today’s distributed and remote business environment with effective endpoint protection that goes well beyond ill-equipped traditional antivirus.

  • Enforce policies.

    Leverage our security experts to manage, validate and update device policies across your organization.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)   

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from Verizon and our tech partners can make it easier to control, secure and enforce company policies across all of your devices. They can help your workforce stay productive, while protecting your data and helping you streamline device and app deployment, maintain security, and control costs.

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  • Get the right fit.

    Whether you’re looking for ease of use or enterprise-grade unified management, Verizon and our trusted tech partners like Samsung, IBM and MobileIron make it easy to find the right MDM technology for you.

  • Protect your data.

    Easily manage your mobile devices and protect sensitive data with scalable cloud or onsite solutions.

  • Mobile Threat Defense   

    We’ve teamed up with leaders in mobile threat defense technologies and services to help you streamline and protect mobility across your business. Whether you deploy in the cloud or onsite, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Easy scalability

    Secure and support your mobile infrastructure, whatever the size of your business, government agency or industry. 

  • Strong protection

    Protect data in transit, and help users comply with security policies and requirements with a mobile-centric zero-trust approach.

  • Business Mobile Secure   

    Built specifically to meet the needs of your small business, Business Mobile Secure is a powerful bundle of easy-to-use mobile-device security tools to help keep you protected from cyberattackers and hackers.

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  • Simple

    Our solutions are easy to set up and let you control device permissions and assign business policies to employees remotely to help simplify management. 

  • Comprehensive

    Our multilayered security solution helps manage and protect your mobile smartphones and tablets against the latest security threats. 

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  • How to address mobile security challenges

  • Watch as Verizon expert Dave Grady provides key insights on the current mobile threat landscape and explains how your business can boost endpoint security.

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