Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

Give your employees the reliable mobile connectivity they need to stay productive while keeping your data protected.

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  • In compiling our 2020 Mobile Security Index, we discovered that almost 40% of organizations surveyed said they had experienced a mobile-related compromise. Which is why a mobile device management (MDM) plan can be critical. Explore our range of MDM products to find the right options for your unique mobile challenges.

Work flexibly without sacrificing security.

    • Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM)

      As reliance on mobile devices in business grows, so does the importance of properly managing mobile devices and keeping mobile data protected. The Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) service suite combines unified endpoint management and broadband hotspot management into a single management portal so you can manage device app deployment, maintain security policies and more.

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Simplify your mobile device security.

    • Samsung Knox Manage

      Whether your business uses a single tablet or a whole fleet of mobile devices, mobile security should be a top priority. Samsung Knox® Manage is a cloud-based mobility management platform designed for enterprise customers to manage and monitor employee devices with flexibility and granularity.

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Get one platform to address many mobile needs.

    • IBM Security MaaS360

      Everything that makes mobility great—devices, apps, security, data, connectivity and more—can be difficult to manage all at once. IBM Security MaaS360® with Watson™ Unified Endpoint Management is a single platform to help you simplify how you manage mobility across your business. Plus, endpoint analytics help you make sense of daily mobile details.

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Protect mobile data with a unified framework.

    • Ivanti

      For businesses of all sizes, Ivanti provides a portfolio of solutions to help secure your mobile infrastructure. Ivanti mobility solutions make it easy to set up, manage, and secure devices with mobile-centric, zero-trust security capabilities such as zero sign-on, multifactor authentication and mobile threat defense.

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Protect more than just your mobile devices.

    • Solink

      Beyond securing your data, you also may need to protect your business’s physical assets. Solink™ is a cloud-based video management and analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with most of your existing video security cameras and data systems to help improve service delivery, reduce theft and fraud, improve safety, and more.

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