Streamline operations and strengthen security by integrating video and POS data.

Give your business better insight into risk management. Solink is a cloud-based video management and analytics solution that can improve visibility into the day-to-day activities of your organization, helping you to improve service delivery, reduce theft and fraud, improve safety and security and streamline business processes and operations. 

Utilize your existing assets

Solink integrates seamlessly with most of your existing video security cameras (either IP or analog) and data systems–including point-of-sale (POS), inventory, and organizational data–to turn raw data from daily transactions and events into actionable insights. Using a dashboard of highly searchable video clips–each synchronized with aggregate data from your existing systems —Solink helps you to:

  • Pinpoint potential internal and external shrinkage
  • Improve customer experience and employee training
  • Audit employee performance and location cleanliness remotely
  • Flag incidents or areas of concern and alert in real-time
  • Identify traffic patterns and areas of congestion
  • Improve delivery and take-out operations
  • Better manage insurance disputes

Loss prevention

Solink is a powerful management tool that helps you detect potential fraud while reducing investigation times. You can receive a daily digest report of events that fit your custom search criteria such as voids, refunds or motion in the back room. You don’t have to be on-site to review the data and you can even enable real-time alerts to your mobile device, tablet or smartwatch. 


Solink’s customizable dashboard helps to improve operations by allowing you to compile revenue and service data in one place so you can compare locations, employees, transaction size and time periods.

Solink’s heat mapping feature provides visual data into where your customers are spending time, so you can adjust staffing, improve customer queueing, enhance merchandising, layout and in-store navigation.

The Verizon advantage

Verizon provides the nation’s most reliable network to support Solink’s robust, state-of-the-art video management and analytics platform.  Verizon’s robust wireless data solutions combined with the intelligent Solink cloud based solution can deliver you a simple yet powerful tool to help you control and manage your business.

To learn more about Solink, please contact your Verizon Business Account Manager or call us at  1-877-297-7816.

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