Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Help expedite attack detection and response.

What it is

Helps unify network threat detection, full-packet forensics and integrated response as a managed service with near real-time and retrospective detection and visualization.

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Cloud-delivered: As a cloud-based network security platform, NDR can be delivered without the need for specialized hardware.

Fast and scalable: Helps take action against existing threats and helps identify future threats with speed and scale.

Multiple deployment capabilities: Rapidly deploys to any segment of your network, including enterprise cloud, industrial, IoT and 5G.

Comprehensive visibility: Helps provide visibility into all collected network activities and records network traffic for comprehensive analysis and discovery.

Complete record: Full packet capture to collect a complete record of your network activity, including metadata and network packets. 

In-depth visibility: Helps give you a detailed view of network traffic for analysis and investigation.

Multiple infrastructures: Captures, indexes and stores network traffic from multiple infrastructures into a single location in the cloud.

Intuitive interface: Capable of providing large amounts of network data in an intuitive, immersive interface so you can analyze, proactively hunt and take action on security events and observations.

Lightweight sensors: Can record traffic from almost any network segment in your network infrastructure. 

Easy deployment: Sensors can be deployed cost-effectively and quickly even in your resource constrained segments. 

Cloud deployments: Uses software forwarding agents to directly copy network traffic from cloud instances where network taps don’t exist to deliver the activity to the appropriate sensor.

Gain deep visibility into your network for threat analysis and discovery.

Rapidly deploy NDR in any segment of your modern network, including enterprise, cloud, industrial, IoT and 5G.



Rapid detection

Take action against threats and identify future threats with speed and scale.

Network visibility

Explore and interact with data recorded over time and stored in the cloud.

Immediate value

Security as a service rapidly deploys without the potential cost and complexity of hardware.


Accelerate incident response and threat hunting with advanced forensics.


Gain complete context from network to endpoint, filtering data to prioritize threats and reduce noise.

Frictionless scalability

Scales to help secure even the largest enterprises with its ability to analyze more than 500 terabytes of network data a day.



In-depth detection technology

Enables comprehensive and deep threat searches and analysis with machine learning, behavioral analysis, statistical modeling, heuristics techniques and actionable threat intelligence.

Platform intelligence

Our cloud security platform correlates all alerts and lets you subscribe to threat intelligence feeds and intrusion detection signatures.


Visualize and analyze threats, access reports, manage users and policies, download packets and get alerts to any perceived threats to your network.

Network sensors

Collect, filter and analyze full network traffic in near real-time, including metadata and packet capture (PCAP).

Advanced forensics

With almost limitless cloud storage and rapidly searchable network memory, our cost-effective advanced forensics help enable fast results for incident response and threat hunting.

Optimized index of stored data

Threat hunters can perform rapid searches on stored data to help quickly validate whether a threat is authentic or not.

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Act on threat intelligence faster.

Discover how NDR delivers near real-time and retrospective threat analysis.

Why choose us

550 TB+

data analyzed per day by NDR

20 T+

raw logs analyzed annually by Verizon cybersecurity


years of cybersecurity experience

Customer success story

North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Discover how NDR helped an energy cooperative significantly reduce incident response times and move from a reactive to a proactive security approach.



2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

This year, we analyzed a staggering 30,458 real-world security incidents. Download the DBIR to find out more about the cyber threats your organization might be up against.

Jun 11, 2024 ,  2 min read

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White Paper

CISO's Guide to Cloud Security

Points to keep in mind when investigating a cloud security platform., that can help address today’s realities and tomorrow’s cloud-first or cloud–only end goals.

Apr 20, 2021,  5 min read

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White Paper

Evaluating a Modern Enterprise Security Platform

Five critical points to help security professionals deal with the continued proliferation of attacks.

Oct 25, 2023,  4 min read

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Case Study

Network Detection and Response brief

Get actionable intelligence and a correlated view of threats to help speed incident response and threat hunting.

May 1, 2019,  5 min read

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Network Detection and Response fact sheet

Cloud-delivered NDR consolidates multiple security point products into a single platform that deploys rapidly.

Nov 21, 2023,  5 min read

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Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a cybersecurity service that can help capture and store network traffic from multiple infrastructures into a single cloud haystack. It can present to you large amounts of data in an intuitive, immersive interface so you can analyze, proactively hunt and take action on security events and observations.

The NDR service complements Verizon’s other security services and solutions by providing  greater visibility into network traffic beyond what traditional security technologies can capture.

NDR performs near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization from the cloud to dramatically accelerate an organization’s ability to identify and respond to attacks before they become serious events.


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