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Virtual Network Services Virtual Network Services

Streamline and simplify

Combine different devices, services and locations into a single, easy-to-manage network.

Grow more flexible

A virtual network lets you add and reconfigure apps and resources on the fly, for fast service delivery and greater flexibility.

Speed your network

Improve your network intelligence and prioritize critical apps for high performance tailored to your needs.

Built on Verizon reliability

Verizon technological expertise, delivered over our highly reliable networks, gives your business a powerful digital backbone.

Tame network complexity with hardware and software that combines devices, services and protocols. 

Best for:

Deploying multiple network services on a single universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) appliance, a virtual CPE (vCPE) from Verizon Cloud or a mix of both

Simplifying management by dynamically directing traffic through the most appropriate network function

Verizon Virtual Network Services can give you the power, security and flexibility you need to help your business grow.

Virtual Network Service—SD WAN

We offer a full range of virtualized network services, using a catalog of leading vendor options, plus SDN policies and SaaS apps to maintain high performance.

Virtual Network Services—Security

We'll help protect your network with a range of services: customized firewalls, IPsec VPNs, intrusion detection and protection systems, URL filtering and more.

Virtual Network Services—WAN Optimization

Keep your mobile employees connected with a range of services, including data compression, TCP acceleration, and data, application and transport streamlining.

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Save time. Control costs. Get a better network.

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