Web, Voice and Video Collaboration Tools

Get your people working together more effectively, whether they're in the office or on the road. 

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  • Collaborate from virtually anywhere

    Your employees can attend meetings from almost anywhere, on many different devices, using voice or video.

  • Work with our coordinators

    Our conference coordinators are available 24/7 to set up meetings and handle all the administrative details.

  • Meet in just minutes

    You can set up a meeting with only 20 minutes' notice. Or work without reservations with Instant Meeting.

  • Connect with Verizon

    Verizon's service, support and reliability lets you collaborate clearly and easily.

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Give your teams a seamless environment where they can work faster and smarter.

Best for:

  • Giving your employees the flexibility to hold meetings anytime, virtually anywhere, using web, voice and video conferencing
  • Making it easy to schedule and hold conferences from a small brainstorm to a meeting with several thousand participants around the world

Verizon collaboration tools give you tools and apps to help you get more done.

Cisco products, delivered by Verizon

We offer a full range of Cisco WebEx products, delivered over Verizon's fast, reliable network.

Connections for many devices

Attend meetings using your mobile phone, wireline phone, computer, tablet or other device to collaborate from virtually anywhere.

Document sharing to cut clutter

Cisco gives conference participants a secure workspace to share documents before, during and after the meeting without searching multiple inboxes.

A full range of collaboration tools

From simple phone conferences to shareholder meetings to intense document collaboration, Cisco gives you the tools you need to work more effectively.

Service options

From huge crowds to one-one-on-one huddles, our collaboration tools give you the tools you need to work more productively.

Web conferencing

Verizon offers the Cisco WebEx web conferencing solution. It allows teams to collaborate anytime, virtually anywhere, even over mobile devices, ad supports audio, high-definition video, file sharing and real-time content sharing.

Audio conferencing

We offer three tiers of audio conferencing:

  • Premier, for high-visibility events such as investor calls.
  • Standard, for regularly scheduled calls, such as internal employee meetings.
  • Instant Meeting, which allows organizers to hold conferences without reservations.

WebEx audio conferencing

We offer two solutions for WebEx customers:

  • Cloud Connected Audio is a cost-effective service that lets users join conferences via their computers.
  • Toll User Audio offers toll dial-in from 27 countries, with prices charged per user, per month.
  • Put Verizon reliability at the heart of your network.

  • Our Dedicated Internet, combined with our VoIP phone service, gives you a powerful solution.

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