• Semi-autonomous transportation

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  • The challenge

    Traditional truck transport is only as efficient as the driver.

The trucking industry is vital to the economic health of the nation.

Trucking plays a key role in maintaining effective supply chains for industries including manufacturing, healthcare and food.

Struggling to keep up with high demand, truck drivers spend long hours on the road, which can increase safety risks.

Trucking companies also have to deal with the huge costs incurred by fuel, drivers and downtime. 

  • Improve safety and increase efficiency.

    Incremental adoption of semiautonomous technologies could help improve safety and increase efficiency while preparing for further innovations.

  • 5G opportunities

    Semiautonomous technologies in the trucking industry

5G has the potential to transform the transportation industry by enhancing the data compute required as fleets evolve their driver assist features and adopt autonomous technologies.

Rapid responsiveness is critical to realizing safe, efficient semiautonomous technologies.

The low lag (or latency) of 5G could help enable near real-time sense and response to changing road conditions and environments.

The throughput of 5G could eventually handle the large volumes of data gathered from sensors and cameras along select zones of highway.

How it works

    • A day in the life of a semiautonomous truck

      • 5G, with its high-speed connectivity and massive data capacity, could help support or amplify the truck’s safe navigation of city streets and highways.

      • 5G, with its high-speed connectivity and massive data capacity, could help support or amplify the truck’s safe navigation of city streets and highways.

    • A day in the life of a semiautonomous truck

      • The truck uses a variety of sensors utilizing radar, lasers and cameras to create an internal map, computing traffic and obstacles and adjusting speed and direction accordingly.
      • Combining 5G and the computing power of multi-access edge computing (MEC) servers could enable ultralow latency and faster response for semiautonomous technologies.

    • A day in the life of a semiautonomous truck

      • The truck’s specific location can be monitored from the company’s online platform so they know exactly what’s going on and when the truck arrives at its destination.
      • 5Near real-time analytics into the fleet performance could help companies better manage and plan their supply chain and increase their efficiency.

5G built right

Our 5G Ultra Wideband network is built right to power transformative possibilities for business. With rapid throughput and low latency, 5G Ultra Wideband could support the large volume of data needed to support semiautonomous driving technologies.

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    • Achieving 5G Ultra Wideband’s extraordinary speeds requires a massive fiber infrastructure
    • Verizon has made significant investments in fiber densification in major cities around the nation

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  • Millimeter-wave spectrum


    • Verizon has critical spectrum holdings that include millimeter-wave and C-Band spectrum
    • Millimeter-wave spectrum supports 5G Ultra Wideband’s transformative performance and C-band will enable performance and expanded coverage

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  • Small-cell deployment

    Small-cell deployment

    • Verizon has spent years densifying its 4G LTE network, and its 5G network leverages the same densification
    • Verizon has relationships in place with large and small municipalities, enabling its small-cell deployment

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  • Edge computing

    Edge computing

    • Verizon has network locations that are ideally suited for housing edge-computing resources
    • Multi-access edge computing could deliver access to the tools, power and locations to deploy at scale

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  • Phone screen showing workers unloading a truck
    • This is 5G built right, from the network businesses rely on.

    • 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities on most VZ 5G devices. 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities.
      Verizon 5G access requires a 5G-capable device.  5G UWB access requires a 5G-capable device with select voice/data and 5G UWB plans.

    • Future use case not currently available.

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