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A better way to get the latest CPE technology

Take advantage of Verizon Enterprise Solutions' technology with customer premises equipment. Install, maintain, and refresh your CPE solution for a flat monthly fee.

A better way to get the latest CPE technology

Customer Premises Equipment Monthly Recurring Plan

It’s hard to keep your technology up to date. And if you have aging customer premises equipment (CPE), it’s hard to take full advantage of advances in communications technology and applications.

Unfortunately, updating and adding CPE technology can be expensive, with high upfront capital costs. Supporting and managing hardware and software can burden your IT team and increase operating expenses.

You can procure, deploy, maintain and refresh your CPE technology for a flat monthly fee as a part of a solution tailored to meet your business goals.

Our CPE Monthly Recurring Plan (MRP) combines our expertise and resources to help you select, deploy, maintain and refresh the CPE you want for a flat monthly fee. With CPE MRP, you can reduce or eliminate upfront costs. Because we operate around the globe, you can simplify how you source and deploy your CPE as you expand.

The value of our monthly recurring plan

You need your equipment to deliver critical communications between your employees and customers. But to improve your business results, you also need efficient, cost-effective ways to update and manage that equipment. With CPE MRP, you can efficiently connect locations and mobile workers around the world and help boost revenue with new services. It helps you deliver essential applications, and most importantly, grow and serve your customers.

CPE MRP leverages our capabilities as a global technology and managed services provider to give you:

  • Advanced CPE for a flat monthly fee without large upfront capital expense (CAPEX)
  • Expert CPE sourcing, configuration and installation1 without upfront deployment expenses
  • Proven, reliable and flexible Verizon CPE maintenance or warranties1
  • More time for your inhouse IT personnel to focus on strategic activities
  • New Verizon CPE when you need it

Delivering integrated global solutions

With our global IP network, we deliver comprehensive business solutions to help improve the performance of applications around the world. With this reach and capability, we can provide you with a broad array of CPE to help streamline your business processes, improve productivity and increase agility.

The consistent implementation and management that comes with our CPE MRP makes it easy for you to benefit from the rest of our global portfolio. We can plan, build, deploy and manage an integrated suite of solutions around the globe to help you accelerate your business. CPE MRP simplifies your role in technology implementation and management because you:

  • Do not take title to the equipment at any time
  • Do not have to deal with the logistics of getting CPE to required destinations
  • Only have to deal with one point of contact: Verizon

Get powerful solutions from a global provider.

CPE MRP is available to customers with our Network Services, Business Communications, Managed Services or Managed Security. The solution dovetails with our comprehensive portfolio of services to help you meet your network and CPE management needs, improve business results and stay ahead of the competition.

We are well suited to help you succeed with our global IP network, 30+ years of experience in CPE and 400,000+ security, network and hosting devices under management. We are recognized for our CPE expertise by the major manufacturers and have more than 2,000 customers using CPE on a monthly fee basis. Let us help you procure, stage, install and maintain your CPE technology so you can focus on achieving better business results.

Learn more.

Find out how you can avoid large upfront cost and benefit from CPE for a flat monthly fee by asking your account manager about CPE MRP today.

CPE technology solutions are available in the U.S. International availability varies by location, vendor and service type. Please see your Verizon account manager for details.

1 Varies by CPE manufacturer and region.