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Managed Security Services – Analytics

Discover the advantages of advanced analytics insights from Verizon. Managed Security Services – Analytics delivers security monitoring and analytics on the Verizon platform into the Verizon Security Operations Center and our Unified Security Portal.

Evade threats with advanced analytics.

Join forces with Verizon Managed Security Services – Analytics to tackle advanced cyber threats and manage risk across your enterprise.

We know how challenging the threat and security compliance environment can be. Despite huge investments in people and technology, many organizations are realizing it’s simply too difficult to handle security on their own. With the frequency and sophistication of attacks, the challenge of handling a large volume of alerts and the need to find talented professionals, organizations large and small are struggling.

Going it alone no longer makes sense. Attacks are more frequent and conducted in disciplined, sustained campaigns designed to breach and compromise data. They are also harder to detect, as they often appear like normal activity and continue over long periods of time. The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) continuously finds that in the majority of cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes or a few hours. Meanwhile, it takes organizations typically days, weeks, or even months to discover an attack. That’s a lot of time for attackers to wreak havoc.

The enemy is only becoming more dangerous. Many recent attacks were perpetrated by state-sponsored entities. To win the battle, shrewd organizations are realizing that a blanket approach to security won’t work. You need intelligent threat analysis to deploy your resources where they’re needed most.

What adds to the problem is the massive amount of data we’re storing and transmitting, and the unprecedented number of new connections from mobile platforms and connected machines. Your security budget likely isn’t growing at the same pace these connections are, and hiring a new team of security experts is doubtful. But there’s hope.

Verizon Managed Security Services can help you manage risk and stay focused on your strategic priorities. We offer comprehensive visibility and intelligence to help you detect security incidents and threats.

We can gather data from almost any source, including industrial control systems and other devices that produce machine and binary data.

Protect your environment with advanced analytics.

Organizations are looking for partners that can provide better detection and mitigation capabilities. We’re one of the industry’s largest providers of managed security services. Our Managed Security Services (MSS)—Analytics solution is designed to meet stringent public sector and commercial requirements, and provide security threat intelligence based on virtually any machine data. It can perform anomaly-based detection with near real-time correlation across multiple events, sessions, systems, platforms and data sets.

Our advanced analytics-based approach monitors almost any device that generates machine data, not just traditional security and network devices. In addition to detecting traditional signature-based threats, MSS—Analytics uses behavioral modeling to detect advanced threats and provide valuable insights that can help shorten the detection interval.

Better visibility for better security

As you connect more of your enterprise, your attack surface expands. You now have to monitor industrial control systems and other types of devices. With MSS—Analytics, we’re not limited to collecting data from traditional security and network devices. We can gather data from almost any source, including industrial control systems and other devices that produce machine and binary data.

We can also monitor processed data from existing management and security incident and event management (SIEM) stations you may already have. The collection of this data helps us create a baseline of normal activity, which we use when analyzing potential threats.

In additional to behavioral analysis, we also monitor your environment for malware and other advanced threats catalogued in our Threat Library. We’ve built this library by analyzing an average of more than 60 billion security events across our global network every year.

Your environment is never out of our sight. We operate Security Operations Centers (SOCs) strategically placed around the globe, so our security analysts are always watching as the analytics platform collects and analyzes data. In addition to our commercial, follow-the-sun SOCs, we offer facilities specifically designed to meet rigorous public-sector requirements and staffed by cleared security professionals.

Analysis and threat detection

The analysis and threat detection built into MSS—Analytics is powered by Verizon intellectual property and intelligence, combined with leading technology. The service detects anomalies from data sources across your network, correlates them against the baseline information from our monitoring and then filters out benign security events. Then it escalates those most likely to indicate a threat.

We use correlation rules, behavioral analytics, advanced algorithms, heuristics, artificial intelligence and research from our intelligence experts, data scientists and mathematicians to determine the threat posed by an anomaly. Our research includes use cases, watch lists, DBIR findings and “indicators of compromise” threat intelligence.

We use proprietary signatures to track attack patterns against the DBIR Incident Classification Patterns to help increase visibility into security incidents, allowing you to distinguish between harmless incidents and those that need immediate attention. You can adjust the rule settings of our threat behavior analysis to help control incident volumes.

All identified security incidents have a clear description as to why the incident was triggered and we assign every incident a risk rating so you can determine the impact to your business. Incident descriptions provide recommendations on possible actions to take. This information makes it easy for you to understand your security posture and make changes if needed.

We can also perform asset and vulnerability scans. We’ll store your incident logs for one year for analysis and historical review. This allows us to investigate patterns of behavior across your entire ecosystem to identify risks and threats. You can make your own requests for searches on this raw data through the MSS—Analytics Unified Security Portal.

Unified Security Portal

From the MSS—Analytics portal, you can access your information and see results from our security analysts as they work around the clock on security monitoring and incident response.

The portal is your central interface with the service, providing information on events, incidents, service tickets and logs. The portal also offers comprehensive reporting and the ability to review threat intelligence through risk briefings and various forms of network intelligence.

Don’t go it alone.

It no longer makes sense to try and tackle IT security on your own. The rapidly evolving threat landscape makes having a partner your best bet for managing risk. Let us be that partner. With SOCs on four continents, security consultants around the globe and more than a decade of collecting data for the DBIR, we have the capabilities, intelligence and expertise to help you face threats. MSS—Analytics gives you a trusted security partner to help you mitigate vulnerabilities and better protect your entire infrastructure, so you can stay focused on driving growth and performance.

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