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Auto Dealer Solutions for Courtesy Cars Case Study

Learn how to build customer loyalty for your dealership by implementing a self-service courtesy vehicle program.

Bringing a vehicle into a dealership for repairs or preventative maintenance can be a time-consuming process for any customer.

Most dealerships offer a courtesy car program where customers can use a loaner vehicle while theirs is undergoing repairs or maintenance. And in most cases, this involves using a manual process to locate and access a loaner vehicle. On the dealership side, courtesy car programs involve a significant number of vehicles, which are often manually assigned out to customers, then manually checked back in. Plus, each of these vehicles requires a periodic physical inspection for maintenance issues, checking fuel levels and more, which can lead to operational and cost inefficiencies.

Verizon Auto Share lets dealerships improve customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency by implementing an automated, self-service courtesy vehicle program. Using our auto dealer solutions like Auto Share and a mobile device, customers choose the vehicle they want, then “scan and go.” They scan a quick response (QR) code which associates the vehicle to them. Once vehicle and user identities are validated, a virtual key fob is enabled, allowing the end user to access and use the vehicle. When repairs are finished, they can return the vehicle in the same manner. Dealers can also use the Auto Share platform to communicate with customers and provide vehicle status alerts.

Verizon Auto Share in action

Here’s a fictional example of how Verizon Auto Share can benefit automotive dealerships:


An automotive dealership group is looking for ways to increase its operational efficiency, while building customer loyalty and improving satisfaction. One area it focuses on is its loaner/courtesy vehicle program used during customer repairs. In the past, the group used a manual process to assign a loaner vehicle to a customer, then manually log it back in upon return after repair completion.

Verizon Auto Share lets you keep customers up to date about their vehicle’s repair status.


When deciding on next steps, the dealership group considered the following:

  • How can we improve our customer satisfaction index (CSI) score?
  • How can we help ensure the most effective use of our courtesy car fleet?
  • How large should the fleet be?
  • How do we recover late fees, traffic citations and fuel costs more effectively?
  • How can we streamline the vehicle checking out and checking-in process, so customers don’t have to wait?


Verizon Auto Share gives the dealership the tools it needs to manage its courtesy fleet cost-effectively without the need for additional headcount. With our auto dealer solutions, repair customers can use a wireless-based app and their smartphone or tablet to find, reserve and access a vehicle. Once repairs are completed, customers can easily check the vehicle back in at the dealership using the same process. Plus, the dealership can use the solution to send repair-status updates in a timely manner to the customer’s mobile device, which helps to improve satisfaction.

Verizon Auto Share offers other benefits to the dealership as well, particularly in the area of fleet management. The solution makes use of a diagnostic module that can track vehicle performance and driver behaviors, such as fuel consumption, speed, maintenance conditions and more. Having near real-time access to this information allows the dealerships to better control fuel costs, practice preventative maintenance on their fleet, increase fleet utilization and manage other loaner-related expenses.

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Improve customer experiences and optimize your courtesy fleet usage with Verizon Auto Share.