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Choosing a Wireless Network Provider

It's time to start thinking of your network differently. Learn how choosing the right wireless network provider can boost your business with Verizon Enterprise.

Staying ahead of the mobile curve. Partnering for a competitive business advantage.

As wireless access expands, so does the opportunity to innovate. That’s why many organizations are looking for the smartest ways to leverage wireless data solutions to drive productivity, competitiveness and profits.

It’s time to look past the devices and traditional use cases to see what else can be connected:

  • Vending machines that notify route managers when they’re empty
  • Machines on the factory floor that signal a technician when they’re down
  • Digital signs that can be easily and remotely updated

Wireless networks can also be cost-effective alternatives to physical assets for primary network access or business continuity plans. With more ways to create efficiencies, companies—including your competitors—can build a compelling advantage. A strong, reliable partner with the experience, products and resources to move your business forward is critical.

Businesses run on wireless networks.

Mobile workers aren’t the only ones dependent upon wireless network access. Businesses depend on wireless networks to support remote offices, machine-to-machine (M2M) connections and mobile devices. Network access impacts everyone in the enterprise.

Companies depend on smart devices.

The dependence on mobile devices is fueling exponential growth in tablets, smartphones and other connected devices, transforming every aspect of day-to-day business. Many organizations are now building new business processes around mobility.

Mobility is increasing business potential.

Mobile devices and wireless connectivity make the (previously) impossible possible. Wireless network access empowers businesses to boost employee productivity, discover efficiencies, increase security and make better decisions.

Smart devices, a secure network and business-oriented solutions boost employee productivity.

Mobile devices are evolving into powerful computing and communications systems. 4G LTE networks deliver more bandwidth, fast speeds, reduced latency and the ability to support multiple applications simultaneously. These advances are paving the way for a new work environment in which people are more accessible, project timelines are shortened and employee productivity is off the charts.


Verizon offers a range of mobile devices with built-in broadband connectivity to deliver access to critical information, advance communication and provide the flexibility to do business on the go. We provide tablets and smartphones from the leading manufacturers, as well as Jetpack® mobile hotspot devices that extend 4G LTE network access to wireless-only devices.


Verizon is the leader in wireless data networks. We cover over 80% of the population with 4G LTE and deliver market-leading reliability. Mobile and connected devices, combined with readily available coverage and bandwidth, empower businesses to leverage data assets, increase employee productivity and control costs.

There are other benefits as well: Companies that have mobilized aggressively are boosting employee collaboration, real-time access to information and employee satisfaction.


From devices to enterprise applications to consulting services, Verizon has enterprise solutions to help businesses identify opportunities and solve business challenges. For problems requiring a third-party solution, Verizon has already done the industry research to select leading vendors with the expertise to help improve business potential.

Taking business potential one step further, the Verizon Wireless Open Development platform empowers the development community to create new devices that run on the Verizon Wireless network. These interconnected M2M products help create new efficiencies that enhance competitive advantage and, ultimately, the bottom line. 4G LTE + private network = security

Secure networks help companies protect their most valuable assets.

Data is the intellectual property of most businesses. With such valuable information moving freely throughout the wireless network, security can be a concern. Verizon can help protect your investments with 4G LTE and a private network to keep data safe and secure. Network security is part of the Verizon DNA. Verizon 4G LTE provides enhanced protection on multiple levels:

  • Secure storage of credentials and data on SIM cards
  • Mutual authentication between the 4G LTE device and the network
  • 128-bit root keys instead of 64-bit keys
  • Session-specific encryption keys for signaling and subscriber data
  • Additional algorithms to check data integrity

The Verizon Wireless Private Network offering—a secure, dedicated and end-to-end connection between a customer’s devices and its own network—enables enterprises to avoid sending their private information over the public network. Devices on a Private Network are completely controlled by the customer and can connect only to resources allowed by the customer.

With the Dynamic Mobile Network Routing (DMNR) option, LAN devices attached to a router on the customer’s Private Network are directly addressable, simplifying network routing complexity. This solution enhances mobile security, simplifies device management and eliminates the need and cost for virtual private networks (VPNs) for each wireless device.