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Computer Emergency Response Team

Investigate the power of Computer Emergency Response Team from Verizon. CERT services supplement your existing security support services.

Boost your incident management to combat cybercriminals.

Computer Emergency Response Team Services

Today’s cybercriminals are smart, and they work fast. At the same time, the use of mobile devices, IoT devices, cloud services and outsourcing grow exponentially, significantly expanding the threat landscape for companies and making it harder than ever to protect and defend your changing business environment.

To do it all, you need qualified personnel with the expertise to handle all manner of threats, consistent processes for managing incidents and the time to focus on getting the most out of your investments. Because it can be hard to do it all on your own, you may already be using services to help with threat detection, incident management or investigative response. But even with those services, you may still be looking to strengthen your incident management capabilities so you can be more proactive with your threat response.

Our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Services are designed to augment your existing services to help you respond quickly to cyber attacks. We’ll deliver the incident response activities you need to help improve the way you react to security issues. Our team of experts will help identify the security issues that caused the incident, analyze the impact and lead the incident response, damage control, remediation and recovery. We’ll also leverage our deep security experience to provide you with incident research, strategic planning and training to help keep your organization protected.

CERT Services can either be deployed as a stand-alone service, or can be used to complement your existing security support services to provide another layer of defense and give you a strong incident response solution.


Our team of experts can help you improve your threat mitigation and incident response management while leveraging your embedded security support services.



Get expert help for fast reactions and smart responses.

With CERT Services, our proven processes and security experts will help you fill the gaps in your security operations. We’ll help you handle security incidents and make smart decisions. Our experts stay current with changing global security incidents and will assist you with your security responses using best practices, processes and tools.

CERT Services are extremely versatile and are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing managed and outsourced security services. We’ll work closely with both your internal and external security operations teams, and will act as your single point of contact for operational security and incident responses. That way you get a more seamless experience, all the way from design and deployment to fully managed operations.

Our systematic approach will help you respond faster to security incidents, to help decrease the loss of your critical information and reduce service disruptions. And with our post-incident analysis, we’ll help you improve your security policies so you’re better prepared for future incidents.

Build the solution that works for you.

Depending on your specific security needs, you can apply our Computer Emergency Response Services to the following core components:

  • Security communication services
  • Proactive services
  • Incident response services
  • Threat intelligence information services
  • Security quality management services
  • Vulnerability management services
  • Threat hunting services

CERT Services are available in three basic life-cycle phases that we can customize so you get the support you need in the areas you need it most.


We’ll review your existing security-incident response processes, procedures, programs and operations, and will develop a plan and roadmap for implementing and improving incident response.


Once you’re comfortable with the recommendations we laid out in the assessment phase, we’ll help you implement those incident response processes and procedures. We’ll also help create and expand incident response documentation and provide you with a written summary of what CERT Services will do for your business, along with our recommendations for developing your security support further. Finally, we’ll offer support to your incident response team during the transition period


A complete life cycle offering, this builds on both the other phases. We’ll take the lead by evaluating and tuning your processes and procedures, coordinating security incident handling between all stakeholders, and periodically evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the CERT operations. All to make sure the solution we’ve designed helps keep your business protected while leveraging your existing security support services.

A strong incident-response solution, wherever the gaps in your security operations are, will help strengthen your ability to identify, prioritize and resolve even the most sophisticated security incidents. We continually adjust and improve our approach so we’re prepared to address current and emerging threats, and respond to any security incidents you experience. And because we serve as your single point of contact, we can help streamline communications so incidents get handled quickly.


With Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Services, we’ve built in the flexibility you need to get the right level of expert support for your unique security needs.

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Speak to your account manager for more information on how Computer Emergency Response Services can help you speed up your response time, make better-informed decisions, improve your incident response and get the most out of your security plan. Or visit us at: verizonenterprise.com/products/security/