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Digital Advisory Services—Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment


Learn how best to benefit from software defined networking (SDN) with the help of a strategic assessment from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.


Drive business and IT to greater levels.

Software defined networking (SDN) can help you create a more efficient and scalable IT environment that allows you to better control costs. It can even make it easy to create new revenue models for your business. But knowing how to best benefit from SDN isn’t necessarily easy.

What are the best ways to use SDN in your environment? How do you know which SDN solutions or vendors will be a good fit for your organization? Do you have the in-house expertise to create a plan that can align with all of your technical, operational and financial requirements? No matter what stage you’re at, we have the answers and expertise to help you get where you want to go with SDN.

Our Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment can help you create a detailed strategy for adopting SDN. To do that, we’ll hold on-site discovery sessions with you that include an analysis of your IT environment and business requirements. We can assist you in creating a roadmap for rolling out SDN to help you improve network management, simplify the launch of new capabilities, better control costs and open the door to new revenue models. We can even work with you to build a strong business case to help you get management buy-off on your SDN migration plans.

Create an easy and smart path to SDN.

Our Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment is designed to help you move forward with SDN and take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

  • Accurately evaluate the potential benefits and challenges that SDN presents.
  • Identify and develop the best ways your organization can use and benefit from SDN.
  • Learn about different SDN solutions that best meet your business requirements.
  • Create a strategy to roll out SDN that includes options to address specific business and IT objectives.
  • Put in place measures that can help you make sure your future networking investments are SDN-enabled.

Align SDN with your business needs and goals.

Your Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment will be customized to align with your objectives, resources and culture. Our SDN experts will help you gain insights into how to adopt SDN within your environment in a way that best aligns with your current and future business goals. There are three main parts to every assessment.

Project kickoff

  • Establishment of objectives and schedule for assessment activities
  • Information request on existing network environment and challenges

Discovery and analysis

  • Discovery session to review information about existing network environment
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) related to adopting SDN
  • Identification of gaps between current environment, SWOT findings and best practices for technologies such as OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, OpenStack and traditional SDN
  • Determination of high-level requirements for future environment based on key findings, solution options and business models

Recommendations and deliverables

  • Review of potential scenarios for adopting SDN
  • Overview of industry trends, notable use cases and current SDN solutions
  • Discussion on best practices and how to deal with common SDN challenges and market events
  • Reports on SWOT analysis, gap analysis and opportunities and challenges specific to your environment
  • List of business requirements to bring your environment to the desired future state
  • Explanation of options for rolling out SDN, along with a high-level financial analysis
  • Recommendations on next steps

Why Verizon

We were a founding member and serve on the board of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF)—the industry organization that sets the SDN standards. We have relationships with major SDN vendors, and work closely with those providers to assess, design and provide solutions that meet your business and technology needs. We’re a global leader in designing, implementing and improving solutions for advanced networks. With more than 300 network consulting professionals around the globe—and one of the world’s largest IP backbones—we can help you understand your network needs and quickly execute on them. Our experts can help you create a flexible, intelligent and agile network that provides the secure and reliable connectivity needed to power your organization now and in the future.

Learn more.

To learn how a Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment can make it easier for your network and business to take advantage of all the benefits SDN has to offer, contact your account manager.