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Drive Business with Fleet Telematics Solutions

Learn how your company can track, monitor, and manage fleet vehicles for more efficient use of resources and improved customer service.

While vehicles comprise an important and visible connection with your customer, the challenges of running your fleet cannot be overlooked. You have to contend with:

  • Rising fuel costs
  • Growing security and liability issues
  • Ability to raise customer service levels
  • Vehicle utilization

However, if you can answer these challenges, you can transform the vehicle fleet into an opportunity. Instead of a business expense, it can become a competitive advantage. You can raise customer service levels and reduce vehicle downtime. And at the same time, you can control your costs and improve driver safety.

The answer: the Verizon Telematics.

Rise of machine to machine

Verizon offers three fleet management solutions that are part of the the machine-to-machine (M2M) evolution. We help automate processes, simplify operations, and get more done in less time.

Telogis, Fleetmatics and Networkfleet can help you realize these benefits through a combination of in-vehicle hardware and web-based applications to store, view, and analyze diagnostic data on individual vehicles and your overall fleet. Your vehicles are equipped with satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) devices that send information to data centers over a secure wireless network.

Fleet telematics operators access a secure website where they view information such as near real-time location and route updates and status of engine performance. If configured, SMS alerts are sent when certain pre-listed events occur. For proactive management, reports can be run to gain oversight of the fleet, and insight into performance.

Improve vehicle performance with remote vehicle diagnostics.

Our fleet telematics solutions are able to provide remote vehicle diagnostics, which allows fleet managers and business owners to proactively address vehicle problems before they create operational issues. This helps fleet vehicles to be better maintained and thus last longer and run more efficiently.

You can use the diagnostic technology to receive:

  • Alerts via e-mail and text
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Safety information from National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration

New tools for better management

Our fleet telematics solutions provide the tools to manage your fleet in near real time, so you can be sure your fleet vehicles and drivers are performing at a high level. For example, you can easily set up geofences for vehicles with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

These can be added to your activity alerts, which can include notifications for:

  • Geofence violations
  • Excessive speeding
  • Extended idle time
  • Odd hour usage
  • Maintenance

Alerts are sent via e-mail or text message to one or more specified recipients. And your notifications are highly customizable and can be set up based on a variety of specifications. Unlike many providers, we’ll help you implement your fleet telematics solution, and then get the most out of new, more efficient processes with your monitoring and reporting capabilities. Fleet telematics is about more than just installing devices in vehicles. The solution can help you:

  • Create solid company policies.
  • Understand what data is being collected and how to use it.
  • Understand the functionality in the product and how to best utilize it.

We have an experienced direct sales team, and a customer service team, dedicated to ensuring that you are adequately supported when buying and implementing Networkfleet.

Integrated fleet and mobile resource management

Telogis, A Verizon Company, has solutions designed specifically to support enterprise-level operations and effective end-to-end management of assets, drivers customers and jobs.

Telogis mobile resource management (MRM) solutions offer superior architecture and robust technology that is relied on by some of the world’s largest mobile workforces. Includes flexible hardware, back-end integration with other enterprise resource planning software solutions, plus extensive compliance and customization options.

Complete fleet management

Fleetmatics, A Verizon Company, is a fleet management and operations solution that enables businesses to better manage their drivers, vehicles and daily operations in the field with easy-to-use solutions for the team at the office or on the road.

Fleetmatics is best for small- and medium-size businesses looking to improve real-time visibility and identify opportunities to improve productivity.

Easy fleet tracking and diagnostics

Expressfleet from Verizon Networkfleet is the fast and easy way to get outfitted with basic fleet management tools to help make your job easier and your business more efficient and profitable.

Expressfleet is best for small businesses with less than 10 vehicles, or anyone who just needs basic GPS fleet tracking and diagnostics.

Measure what you manage.

Effective fleet management requires data, so you can see the big picture and zero in on opportunities for controlling costs and generating revenue. To help with your management efforts, you can schedule reports on your whole fleet, individual vehicles, or groups of vehicles. Popular reports include:

  • Fleet location
  • Fleet utilization
  • Fuel usage and MPG
  • Geofence violation
  • Greenhouse emissions
  • Landmark
  • Odd hours
  • Safety
  • Speed violations
  • Smog check
  • Stop detail and idle time

Shift into overdrive.

Verizon fleet management solutions are more than a fleet telematics implementation, they're business solutions. As you gain insight into your fleet, you can use the data to generate management decisions and solutions affecting your entire company. Ready to start your the M2M evolution? We’re ready to help. Contact your account representative, or visit us online at, and

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