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E-Discovery Support

Protect your organization with e-discovery support services from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Electronic data discovery no longer has to be intimidating.

Protect the evidence, your business and your reputation.

E-Discovery Support Services

Electronic data discovery in response to litigation or an investigation is no small matter. In addition to the potential for negative press, which could be detrimental to your employees, your stockholders and your reputation, the consequences of improperly or insufficiently handling evidence can be immense.

If data preservation or data collection is not conducted properly, or other aspects of the electronic data discovery process are inept, or worse, negligent, your organization can be left exposed. And you need to provide evidence that can hold up during litigation, which is becoming more common. A judge can levy fines and penalties, and potentially bring sanctions against your organization. You could lose a lot more than just the case.

Preparedness is essential. Our E-Discovery Readiness services can help you assess, plan and respond with the thoroughness needed to protect your company and your reputation. Using our experience and expertise, drawn from engagements in the areas of secure evidence handling, computer forensic analysis, in-court testimony and electronic data recovery, we will help you implement a first class e-discovery solution without high costs or complexities. Organizations with a well-established discovery response program have a set of processes that allows them to easily discover all potentially responsive evidence, have lean protocols to effectively preserve data within scope and can provide data which is defensible.

Discovery readiness and response planning.

Our E-Discovery support team offers broad capabilities to collect, preserve, analyze, process and produce electronically stored information (ESI). The team follows a vendor-independent approach with respect to electronic data discovery tools and operates a wide variety of commercially available, proprietary and open-source applications to afford multiple analysis vantage points.

Our thorough analysis includes:

Discovery Readiness Assessment:

Identification of your existing practices vs. best practices, and the relative effect these differences have on time, cost and risk. At the conclusion of the assessment process, we provide a detailed assessment report and gap analysis of your policies, practices and procedures for electronic data discovery response, as well as specific recommendations for improvement.

Discovery Response Planning:

Development and implementation of a customized, repeatable discovery response program for identifying, preserving and collecting potentially relevant ESI. Program planning includes staff augmentation/identification and training, process improvement and documentation, data mapping, legal hold management design, collection planning and technology POC testing and analysis, necessary to comply with discovery obligations efficiently and effectively.

E-Discovery Readiness includes:

  • Creation of end-to-end discovery response programs to assist with information management, identification, preservation and collection of electronically stored information (ESI).
  • Requirements gathering, vendor identification and selection, POC testing and implementation of E-Discovery applications.
  • Defensible backup tape remediation and disposition program.
  • Cloud-Based Archiving service designed to organize corporate data better.
  • Legal hold repository management via the cloud.

Discovery Technology Consulting:

Analysis of your existing and prospective technologies and your ability to address various phases of a discovery response. Having the right tools directly impacts your efficiency, overall cost and defensibility. However, these tools must be accurate, auditable, and functional in your environment. Our technology consulting services can assist you with documenting requirements, tool scoping and system proof-of-concept testing— ultimately, assessing these tools coupled with your litigation needs in your ESI environment.

Legacy data remediation

Backup tapes were never meant for E-Discovery purposes, and they are ill suited for business continuity or disaster recovery needs. We will help you get rid of what is no longer necessary and implement a defensible data remediation project for legacy data (including backup tapes) that is based on the execution of a reasonable, well-documented process. The remediation process is designed to facilitate the disposition and disposal of legacy data in a cost-effective and low-risk manner. Our data remediation projects clearly outline the return you will receive by remediating obvious junk data with no business value that has expired applicable retention periods and preservation obligations, from network shares, legacy servers, backup tapes, etc.

We have the infrastructure in place to host case information securely, digital evidence and legal hold databases within our seven Field Analysis Environments and Protected Storage facilities around the globe, providing fast and reliable remote access capabilities.

About our E-Discovery support team:

  • The team is drawn in equal parts from four backgrounds: law enforcement, military, IT and computer systems engineering—bringing to bear a wealth of IT technical and investigative expertise.
  • Our technical experts are well versed in criminal and civil investigative requirements and hold a wealth of experience providing in-court testimony —in both expert and fact witness capacities.
  • Our experts are located throughout Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe/Middle East.
  • Our global capability and highly specialized expertise are ready on standby alert to assist you with today’s more complex litigation support and E-Discovery needs.

Advanced data solutions

An advanced, cloud-based solution can provide you with an extremely flexible, secure and fully featured—yet cost-effective—solution.

Data Archiving:

Our Data Archiving solution provides the functionality you’re looking for from an archiving solution without the high costs of a full environment, or the complexity of maintaining the server, networking and facility infrastructures for the service. This on-demand capability helps control costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive, dedicated technical infrastructure.

Archiving Cloud Service:

Our Archiving Cloud Service (ACS) is a fully managed intelligent file and email archiving solution that stores, manages and discovers unstructured information across the organization. Using a proven architecture, ACS provides an open, intelligent and manageable approach to improve management and control costs and information risk. ACS helps you manage data storage costs while simplifying the administration of your corporate messaging systems.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery:

A Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) solution gives you the protection you’re seeking from a DR solution without the high cost or the complexity of maintaining the server, networking and facility infrastructures at a secondary site. We can replicate data and operating systems from your production environment into a managed cloud computing environment and give you the ability to failover your IT operations to a production-ready environment in case of a catastrophic outage at the primary facility.

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