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Verizon Network Analytics: Turn your network information into intelligence you can act on.

Turn your network information into intelligence you can act on.

Verizon Network Analytics

There’s a reason people say knowledge is power. You can’t make the strategic decisions that keep your business competitive and successful without knowing what’s happening on your network.

All this powerful knowledge can be found within the tremendous amount of data generated by your network every day. The problem is, all too often the data that an individual network device or application produces is analyzed through a single lens. Your analytics are only telling you what’s happening with that specific device or application, and not how it relates to the rest of the network.

When an anomaly occurs, you want to be shown what it is, where it is and how it’s impacting your business. You want to know when one of your sites is communicating with an unknown location or in an uncharacteristic manner, when an application goes far beyond its normal bandwidth consumption or when a location has a significant increase in users. You want to be alerted to network changes that you weren’t expecting. To make all this happen, you need automation that connects the dots between all your network components in a way that gives you actionable insight into the whole picture.

Verizon Network Analytics uses advanced data collection and analytics to transform your network’s data from information into meaningful intelligence.

We have analytics down to a science.

With Network Analytics, available to Verizon Managed Network customers, we look at the whole story of your network data. We collect your data from many different sources, such as network flow data, core network and customer-edge performance data. Then we combine the data with advanced information technology that uses the principles of scientific research—collecting data, discovering patterns, conducting the analysis and delivering the findings.

To do this, our Verizon data scientists have created a Big Data analytics platform creating sophisticated arithmetic discovery algorithms that detect the trends on your network and deliver predictive analytics. This lets you move beyond just reactions to having the intelligence you need to make proactive decisions.

Better intelligence for better decisions

When you rely on Verizon Network Analytics, we will provide you with:

  • The trends, anomalies and patterns occurring throughout your network
  • A performance baseline for your network, and alerts whenever there are deviations from that baseline that could lead to future problems
  • Predictive trends when growth in network usage requires you to make decisions about use, optimization technologies, bandwidth or applications

Why Verizon

Verizon is a leader in the world of Big Data solutions. We have the resources and expertise to make sure your Big Data doesn’t turn into a big problem. We use innovation in infrastructure, algorithms and analytics solutions to deliver the intelligence you need for smarter decision making. Powered by investments in security, data centers, 4G LTE, cloud computing and our immense global IP network, our network analytics solutions help you meet the demands and challenges facing your business.

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Find out how Verizon Network Analytics can help you make better, more informed decisions about the future of your business. Contact your account manager or visit VerizonEnterprise.com.