Fleet management service helps improve performance and cut costs

See how a county road commission in Michigan benefitted from fleet management services offered by Verizon Enterprise Solutions to drive performance.

Now more than ever, citizens want to know where their tax dollars are going—and that those dollars are being spent wisely. A county road commission has 15 multi-use vehicles operating on two to three shifts during the day. They’re responsible for snow removal, grading and patch work on the roads throughout the county.

Regular vehicle maintenance can reduce gasoline usage.

But throughout the course of a day’s work, county vehicles were driving the same stretch of road multiple times, even in those areas where maintenance wasn’t needed. This translated to wasted fuel, labor hours and tax dollars. The road commission looked to Verizon for a more efficient way to help improve truck utilization and performance.

To help the agency meet its goals, Verizon provided a comprehensive fleet management solution which combined its patented GPS technology with reliable and widespread coverage from Verizon Wireless, to offer around-the-clock vehicle monitoring and communications.

An easy-to-use dashboard allows managers to pull up information on an individual vehicle or the entire fleet. From truck location and diagnostics tracking, to idle time and fuel usage reporting, this accurate and timely data helps the county manage its fleet more efficiently.

Combining the cost point and the web-based dashboard, the road commission was ready to install wireless tracking devices on all 15 vehicles. With the help of this Verizon fleet management solution, the state agency is now able to keep better tabs on the performance and utilization of its fleet vehicles, while helping improve worker productivity and safety and controlling costs.

Smart fleet management helps improve performance and lower operating costs.

Fleet Management solutions from Verizon offer continuous, near real-time awareness into field operations and driver behaviors, as well as the condition of vehicles and assets. When you know what’s happening on the road, you can better manage delivery routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet.

Fleet management services also help you:

  • Collect real-time data for more accurate time reporting and billing—and less paperwork.
  • Make more informed decisions on the fly.
  • Improve safety by identifying and addressing unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Decrease fuel costs by improving routing and reducing excessive idling and other fuel-burning habits.
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen obstacles before they derail on-time deliveries.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.
  • Establish scheduled maintenance alerts to reduce breakdowns.

Fleet Management services from Verizon can benefit a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples:


During the school year, school buses make over 10 billion passenger trips carrying children. School administrators, teachers and parents alike want to know that students are safe on—and off—the bus. Fleet Management solutions combine routing and tracking capabilities with connectivity over the Verizon Network to provide real-time data about where buses are. Now planning routes is easier than ever, and scheduled maintenance alerts help to reduce the risk of vehicle breakdowns.

Mining and Construction

Fuel consumption is one of the largest expenses for many mining and construction projects—especially those located in remote areas. Every hour drivers spend on the road (and idling) costs money. Fleet Management services help companies keep tabs on vehicles and drivers—speeds, idle time and usage, both during and after work hours – information that can be used to help lower fuel and streamline maintenance.

Retail Distribution

When you’ve got product to ship, rolling means revenue. Fleet Management services can help get drivers on the road faster. Automated systems reduce time-consuming paperwork, capturing daily workflow from the minute a driver gets to work until the end-of-day vehicle inspection. And access to real-time information provides companies the insight to make better decisions; respond more quickly to changes; and control fuel costs and streamline maintenance.



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