Fleet Management Solutions Factsheet

Learn how your company can control costs and help improve driver safety by reading the fleet management solutions factsheet on Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Help improve safety and control costs with Verizon Fleet Management solutions.

When you have vehicles on the road, you need to be sure they’re operating safely and efficiently. That’s especially true for school districts, which are tasked with keeping students safe while operating on tight budgets.

A school district with nearly 150,000 students turned to Verizon when it needed to replace an outdated bus-tracking system that no longer complied with government regulations. The district wanted a fleet management system that could help control costs, enhance efficiency and improve accountability.

Verizon implemented a GPS-tracking solution connected over the Verizon Wireless network. Now administrative staff can see in near real time where all the buses are, how fast they’re traveling, how long they’re stopped and how much time they spend idling.

They can even tell whether students were picked up and dropped off as scheduled.

Fleet Management can help drive efficiencies in multiple industries.

Verizon offers a range of Fleet Management solutions that deliver near real-time, consistent awareness into field operations and driver behaviors, as well as vehicle performance. Knowing what’s happening out in the field helps you enhance safety, better manage routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet. Fleet Management solutions help you:

  • Control fuel costs by reducing idling and other fuel-burning habits.
  • Better estimate delivery times for customers.
  • Monitor driver behavior such as hard braking and speeding to encourage safety and efficiency.
  • Make better dispatching and routing decisions.
  • Quickly adapt to problems such as traffic jams before they derail on-time deliveries.
  • Monitor the condition of cargo to prevent loss or spoilage.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.
  • Establish scheduled maintenance alerts to reduce breakdowns

Fleet Management solutions from Verizon can benefit any industry that employs drivers. Following are a few examples:


A big part of every construction job is logistics—getting equipment, supplies and people from one place to the other and making sure everything is available when needed.

With Fleet Management solutions, you can streamline dispatch and tighten routes and scheduling to help avoid wasted time and effort. You can also help improve driver safety and productivity, and reduce fuel costs and streamline maintenance.

Transportation and distribution

Transportation and distribution companies thrive when they can keep costs low and finely tune schedules and delivery times to the utmost accuracy. Fleet Management solutions help these companies stay on track and on schedule with near real-time information about vehicle locations and asset conditions.

Now you can streamline routes and react immediately to unexpected issues, such as breakdowns or traffic delays, and update customers with the latest information so they know when to expect you.

You can also help control repair costs with better vehicle maintenance management; track hours of service and driving patterns; and cut fuel costs by planning efficient routes and reducing idle times.

Emergency response

When the alarm sounds, first responders have to be ready to go. If an emergency response vehicle—an ambulance, fire truck or police car—is out of commission or unavailable, it can be a matter of life or death. Fleet Management solutions track the location of all vehicles, dispatching the nearest available ones to the scene. GPS tracking helps guide responders to the scene via the quickest and most direct routes. Built-in sensors keep tabs on oil and tire pressure and other proactive maintenance measures to fix problems early and help keep more emergency vehicles in service.

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