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Grow your business with leading-edge proof of concept testing

Help drive growth, market accelerations, and innovation for your business with proof of concept lab from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Plan, design and test transformative network enhancements with Proof of Concept lab. Download an overview of our proof of concept testing capabilities now.

Business growth, market accelerations and innovation all drive network transformation. And your IT team is expected to make those changes work. But you first need to accurately figure out the impact on production. Making it work isn’t easy if you have limited testing infrastructure and IT resources that are stretched thin. We can help with Verizon Proof of Concept Lab and the expertise of our Professional Services consultants.

Your network constantly grows and morphs to meet business needs. New apps, updates, technology integrations, infrastructure changes and more can all have major impacts on it. Without the right quality assurance and integration testing, these impacts can lead to downtime and lost revenue. Verizon Proof of Concept Lab gives you a secure, state-of-the-art proof of concept testing infrastructure coupled with access to our Professional Services experts, so you can avoid negative impacts.

We’re with you every step of the way, bringing a wealth of technical experience and engineering expertise. Together, we identify your ultimate goals and challenges and then design a methodology for proof of concept testing and assessment efforts. We help you prove new network and communication technologies, innovations and other network transformations before introducing them into your environment so you can accelerate time to value and reduce deployment risks.

Gain a competitive advantage with help from our experts.

  • A leader in network consulting services 1
  • Experience managing more than 4,000 customer networks around the world
  • Global network service provider with one of the world’s largest IP backbones

Drive business growth, performance and innovation.

Verizon Proof of Concept Lab helps you stay focused on your core business objectives while letting you look to the future. It can help with all of the following:

  • Expansion and innovation—Securely develop and deploy new technologies.
  • Operational efficiency—Enable application delivery to support new business models.
  • Workforce productivity—Test new products without incurring large capital outlays or taking in-house staff away from core functions.

Reduce risk, ease integration.

Inadequately tested configuration changes, updates and new services or technologies can expose you to a variety of risks. You might find yourself susceptible to network availability and communications problems that can disrupt business operations. You might unintentionally introduce security vulnerabilities that put your data and systems at risk. We help you reduce these risks and others with access to our engineering expertise and insight as you perform a variety of pre-deployment assessments and tests in our off-site state-of-the-art facility:

  • Pilot testing
  • Network load testing
  • New technology assessments
  • Network integration testing
  • Location and service consolidation stress testing

Realistic impact and assessment testing.

Our Proof of Concept Lab gives you a full-scale testing infrastructure that provides network transport, value-add network services and an array of other technologies as a standard part of the environment. Smaller-scale testing environments can only simulate these technologies and network communications. As a result, you can more accurately gauge how your new services or changes will affect your network.

The lab gives you access to our secure enterprise network with firewall-protected Internet and Private IP connections. That way you can isolate the environment while you do your testing. You have access to lab real estate, power, cooling, rack/stacking and cabling. Our environment features a scalable and flexible virtual environment with over 200 virtual machines. You can leverage our full-scale data center, a geo-redundant private cloud, more than 20 different vendor platforms, state-of-the-art testing tools and the ability to tie into your own network. We can support customer-owned, leased or demo equipment. You also have the option to order Verizon and third-party circuits.

How it works.

We gather your test requirements and documentation, such as test plans, delivery schedule, architecture diagrams, device lists, configuration data, systems application overview and a resource list. We help you with high- and low-level design development, including network topography, devices and applications involved in the proof of concept testing plan. Then we’ll go over the details and discuss critical aspects of your project in a design review session.

We create a deployment or integration plan for your proposed lab setup and follow that up by helping you find and set up the hardware for a custom testing environment that is close to your production environment. Once you’ve executed your test plan, we help you gauge its success. Finally, we give you recommendations on how to improve your test plan, results or both.

Transform your business.

When you use our Proof of Concept Lab and Professional Services experts, you’ll discover how network changes can transform your business without putting your production environment at risk. We provide the environment and expert assistance needed to explore how you can better leverage new technologies, and test and develop disruptive new solutions to accelerate new opportunities for business growth and success.

Learn more.

Contact your Verizon Enterprise Solutions account manager to find out how the Proof of Concept Lab can help you innovate, enhance performance and grow your business.

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