How Fixed Wireless
Access can help
compete more

Author: David Grady

With the federal government poised to invest more than $500 billion into infrastructure over the next five years, competition to win bids for construction projects—from road and bridge repair to mass transit system expansion – is expected to be fierce.

Today, construction companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based software solutions to help manage their projects, big and small, from take-off to close-out. And that’s why the internet connectivity provided by services such as Fixed Wireless Access, that construction companies use at work sites can make the difference between success or a stalled project.

Construction project-management software accelerates the estimation process, facilitates communication and data-exchange with clients, sub-contractors and project teams, and enables efficient handling of resource-management and budget processes. Reflecting its critical role in helping construction companies compete for, win and execute on contracts, the construction project-management software market is expected to double by 2028, to $2.8 billion. At the same time, Fixed Wireless Access—which can provide reliable connectivity to the internet from locations including construction sites—has emerged as a powerful business-enabler for construction companies. 

How Fixed Wireless Access can help companies manage projects with cloud-based construction project management software

Fixed Wireless Access is delivered wirelessly through a modem, self-installed in the site trailer. This means the connectivity can be moved with the trailer from location to location onsite (or to other construction sites entirely) without interrupting service anywhere within the Verizon LTE coverage area. This allows for more reliable access to cloud-based construction-management software and the uploading and downloading of CAD renderings and site photos throughout the life of a project. 

And because it’s wireless, Fixed Wireless Access eliminates the very real risk of service disruption from an accidental network cable cut at the construction site. 

Learn how Verizon’s LTE Business Internet can bring reliable, affordable and flexible Fixed Wireless Access to your next construction site.

David Grady is an ISACA-Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Chief Cybersecurity Evangelist at Verizon Business Group.