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IP Contact Center

Be available to your clients any time with IP Contact Center from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. IP solutions should be tailored to your specific needs.

Connect with your customers.

Verizon IP Contact Center.


You know that to compete, you have to keep your customers happy. And organizations that can increase efficiency at the same time will truly outdistance the competition. You can do all this through your contact center, but to truly improve the customer experience and boost efficiency, not just any contact center will do. You need Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ IP solutions.

According to Forrester, we’ve entered the age of the customer. “The new power of customers means that a focus on the customer now matters more than any other strategic imperative.” But even though most executives realize this, living up to it is still a challenge. Today, consumers are always connected and always aware of what your competitors are doing. They want 24x7 availability from you, and if you’re not personalizing their experiences, you’re not meeting their expectations.

Let’s face it: Legacy contact centers can’t meet these challenges. They can’t support Voice over IP (Session Initiation Protocol) communications, and that makes it harder for you to control costs and manage service levels. Moving to an IP-based contact center makes sense. You’re likely looking to transition from your existing phone system to IP, and need the ability to handle a high volume of inbound Voice over IP (VoIP) calls. You may have multiple contact centers as well, and need to transfer large numbers of calls between locations.

Our IP Contact Center (IPCC) solutions can help you control your costs, streamline your operations, and improve experiences for your customers. Our IP solutions include cloud hosting, interactive voice response, managed options, voice call back, and all the features you need to meet your customers’ expectations.

For the seventh year in a row, Verizon is the market leader for SIP trunking.

Experience regional service and global reach

Because we operate both local phone networks and one of the world’s largest IP networks, we’re well situated to help you connect to customers around the globe. We can help you tie contact centers around the world together, so whether your customers dial toll-free or local numbers, domestically or internationally, they get a consistent caller experience.

Route calls to the right place

Intelligent call routing helps you get your customers to the right person the first time. Session Initiation Protocol (SIPures like REFER, NOTIFY, and user-to-user interface (UUI) allow you to transfer calls easily and effectively within your organization. You can also add IP interactive voice response (IVR) applications to your contact center to handle high call volumes and more efficiently solve callers’ problems.

Reduce your workload

Our IP solutions include service management and traffic monitoring and reporting tools that give you control over your contact center operations and make configuration and move/add/change processes much simpler. And we can also take the task of running the contact center software off your hands with professional services and a fully managed hosting service offering.

Boost productivity

IP Contact Center helps you personalize your customers’ experiences by giving agents information on individual customers via the caller’s automatic number identification (ANI) and calling party name (CNAM). Verizon Voice Call Back reduces hold time and makes your contact centers more productive by allowing callers to schedule a return call, rather than wait on hold.

Control your costs with a robust solution that covers everything most contact centers need—including network management, monitoring, and reporting.

Benefit from streamlined offerings

We’ve redesigned our IPCC to include everything that most contact centers need in a single usage-based IP solution, so you can more easily forecast and manage costs. Because the IP solution includes network management, monitoring, and reporting tools, you can fine-tune your application environment and service levels in near-real time from virtually any device by using the Verizon Enterprise Center portal.

We offer both inbound and outbound services for IP Contact Center and have two options available for network IVR.

VoIP Inbound includes:

  • Toll free
  • International Toll-Free Service/ Universal
  • International Freephone (ITFS/UIFN)

IP Contact Center Outbound includes:

  • National
  • International

IVR options:

  • IVR Standard (most-frequently used IVR features)
  • IVR Premium (IVR Standard plus Speech, Host Connect, Intelligent Call Routing Integration, Enhanced Reporting, and more)

The experience and scale to support your global business

We’ve spent more than 20 years designing, implementing, and supporting contact center solutions. This experience is one reason why hundreds of enterprise customers are currently using our IP Contact Center.

We also operate one of the world’s largest, most reliable, and secure global IP networks and are continually investing in geographically redundant and highly available network infrastructure. Put our network to work for you with an IP contact center that helps you make your business more efficient and improve experiences for your customers.

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