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M2M Transportation Solutions Brief

Gain greater visibility into fleet operations and make your business run efficiently with M2M transportation solutions from Verizon.

M2M solutions for transportation: Gain greater visibility into fleet operations. Today’s highly diverse transportation industry is an interconnected web of individuals, companies, vehicles and systems.

It is paramount to move people and goods from one location to another as efficiently as possible. To gain real advantage, you need to improve your operations by:

  • Increasing visibility into your fleet and logistics operations
  • Controlling costs through automated processes
  • Improving visibility into location and condition of assets

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology can help your company meet these needs through the exchange of data between your business infrastructure and remote assets.

This enables you to quickly adapt to customer demands by analyzing and acting on the information intelligently. M2M technology empowers you to:

  • Provide near real-time visibility into vehicle and asset location, condition and performance.
  • Streamline maintenance and service using diagnostic alerts.
  • Deliver location-based vehicle occupant services and safety information.

Transforming your business with M2M solutions

Verizon enables M2M solutions for transportation that help you:

  • Increase operational efficiencies by monitoring, controlling and managing your remote assets.
  • Accelerate decision making and response times to enhance the customer experience.
  • Increase infrastructure efficiencies and improve return on assets.

Verizon brings together critical solution providers and a wealth of network experience to help you get your M2M solution in place—fast.

Partner ecosystem

We team with top vertical-solution providers and strategic partners to enable M2M solutions over America’s largest 4G LTE network.

Device and module portfolio

Our vendors have modules that are certified to run on our data network for a broad portfolio of M2M solutions.

Flexible pricing models

Verizon provides competitive pricing and will work with your business to help you increase value and efficiencies. Our pricing structures provide flexibility to address varying customer business models.

Network connectivity

Because your business needs are unique, Verizon and its Partner Program members and Open Development providers offer a variety of solutions with different connectivity options. For static devices with low-bandwidth requirements, 2G or 3G connectivity is the right option for the price.

Other uses, like streaming surveillance video, benefit from 4G LTE. With Verizon vendors, you have choices to enable the right solution for your network connectivity.

Open Development

The Verizon Open Development program is designed to allow and encourage the development community to create new devices and bring these to the market on the Verizon Wireless network. Our network currently has more than 7 million M2M connections and counting. Verizon Open Development providers can help you create cutting-edge M2M solutions for your business and customers.

M2M partner solutions for transportation

Every business can benefit from smart alliances. That’s why we’ve teamed with leading solution providers to promote a range of innovative M2M solutions that can help you transform your business and reach your communication goals. Plus, we provide the expertise and experience you need to help you manage your solution from planning to implementation. For transportation companies, we have included a sampling of solutions from our Partner Program members, Open Development programs and strategic partners.

Commercial telematics

Verizon teams with commercial telematics solution providers like Telogis, Trimble and Telenav to help transportation businesses improve the efficiency of their operations and benefit from controlling costs.

Fleet management

Telogis and Trimble help you increase visibility into your operations, using near real-time access to GPS data to track vehicles, improve routes, promote safety by monitoring driver behavior, control costs and manage driver hours of service to adhere to regulatory standards.

Plus you can leverage utilization data to improve fleet management.

Asset tracking

The Telenav Asset Tracker™/Sendum PT200 solution tracks location and condition of shipments and mobile assets, helping you reduce in-transit shrinkage, increase asset utilization through precise location data and track product conditions.

Tank monitoring

Digi Tank Solutions provide wireless remote access to tank information in near real time, so you can more efficiently monitor inventory, optimize delivery schedules and reduce maintenance costs.

Use case: fleet management

Improving service routes to increase efficiency


With a fleet of more than 40,000 vehicles, Verizon is constantly looking for ways to improve performance. Trimble® fleet management solutions deliver a scalable solution that uses near real-time access to GPS data to help Verizon track and manage its drivers and trucks. With streaming data and reporting, Verizon was able to improve safety by monitoring driver behavior; improve vehicle routes; reduce idle time; and handle more service calls.


  • Trimble fleet management solutions
  • Verizon Wireless 3G network


  • Enhanced vehicle location and performance data for near real-time analysis
  • Improved maintenance schedules and awareness of vehicle usage
  • Reduced fuel and operating costs
  • Increased vehicle service hours and time on the road
  • Near real-time reporting of vehicle stops, delays and deliveries
  • Enhanced security using geofencing technology and alerts

Use case: asset tracking

Pinpointing assets with precision


It’s a big world out there—especially when drivers hit the road without GPS. The challenge is to not lose sight of high-priced assets and inventory as travel routes stretch across interstate lines. The Sendum PT200 tracking device works in tandem with the Telenav Asset Tracker platform over the Verizon’s reliable 3G network to help track the location and condition of valuable assets with speed and accuracy.


  • Sendum PT200 tracking device
  • Telenav Asset Tracker platform
  • Verizon Wireless 3G network and data plan


  • Reduced in-transit shrinkage
  • Increased asset utilization using location data
  • Delivery confirmation and path reporting, including stops and delays
  • Improved delivery times and customer satisfaction
  • Decreased administrative burden, with fewer paper-based forms and processes

The Verizon difference

Verizon Wireless operates America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. We build and manage networks that keep you connected when you are on the go. We provide the expertise you need to help efficiently transform your business with flexible pricing and business models, a broad portfolio of devices and modules, integrated services and the most advanced technology.

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