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Network discovery service: Discover your network’s potential

Make the most of your growing network and plan for the future with Verizon Enterprise Solutions network discovery services.

Network discovery service: Discover your network’s potential

Knowing what’s on your network is crucial to using it efficiently and preparing it for the future. But as your network grows and becomes more complex, it gets harder to document your infrastructure and all your connected devices.

We have more than 300 consultants dedicated to networking services.

Whether you’re integrating systems after a merger or acquisition, or predicting the impact of new and future initiatives, taking inventory of what you have now is the first step.

Our Network Discovery service helps you inventory your existing network environment. Using software tools based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), we can query, discover and map the devices connected to and operating on your network.

How you benefit

The solution can help you:

  • Discover what’s on your network quickly and accurately, providing a logical map for every connected (and discoverable) device.
  • Gather information about each device, including make and model number, serial number and hardware/software version.
  • Plan for upgrades or new services with an up-to-date and accurate network inventory.

How it works

Project kickoff

To begin, we’ll set objectives and a schedule for key activities. Then, we’ll identify sites for collecting data and current network information.

Device discovery

Next, we’ll set up and configure connections for tools that will gather information about each discovered device and your network design.

Network Discovery report

Finally, we’ll review the device inventory, network design and important information for stakeholders.

What we deliver

The Network Discovery report includes:

  • An executive summary of our analysis and findings
  • A description of the discovery tools and methods
  • An overview of the network map with diagrams of equipment connections
  • A summary inventory of devices
  • Observations, findings and recommendations

Operate and grow efficiently.

Our Network Discovery service gives you a snapshot of the SNMP-discoverable devices connected to your network at an affordable cost. This gives you fast, accurate insight into your current infrastructure to help you build your next-generation network.

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