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Network Management Solutions Brief

Get innovative solutions to help you meet your network management needs with Verizon Enterprise Solutions' Managed Network Services, today.

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Keeping up with technology is no easy feat. And neither is keeping a network up and running continuously. Managing your organization’s network on your own can be complicated, requiring significant time, effort, and staff. Plus you need to keep it upgraded, install new technology, and troubleshoot issues.

You already have plenty to do. Why add more?

To keep your business running smoothly, you need to keep your network going. But maintaining your network doesn’t have to tie up your IT personnel. They should be helping you move into new markets or improve experiences for your customers.

Fortunately, network management is our business. We have the expertise to manage your network, devices, and more—including global IT professionals to monitor your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have more than 25 years of experience managing some of the most complex networks in the world, so you can connect users to applications simply, securely, and reliably.

Stay one step ahead of your network.

We offer a comprehensive managed services portfolio that includes complete network design and implementation, and provides broad visibility into your network infrastructure. If and when something does occur—a natural or man-made event—our team of experts can promptly address the issue and work toward a speedy resolution.

We can also help you stay ahead of technology trends. We’ve modified our offerings to support capabilities—like Application-Aware Routing—that can help you begin building a software-defined network or implement network function virtualization. Our Managed Network Services roadmap will keep pace with future advances so you can transition smoothly to these new technologies.

Choose from simple monitoring and notification to co-management or full outsourcing. We’ll even manage third-party networks. We also offer industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) for many of our managed network services. So whether you’re looking for partial or full network management, your network is in good hands.

Leverage our team of network management experts—including engineering staff and global IT professionals to monitor your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Could you use an extra pair of eyes?

Our innovative IMPACT rapid fault isolation and restoration capabilities help us reduce fault isolation and correction time—and provide time-to-repair SLAs as low as 3.5 hours on select Verizon networks.1

It’s simple.

Our comprehensive portfolio of managed network services delivers innovative solutions to help you meet your network management needs, improve business performance, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • What we offer

    Managed WAN

    (Including software-defined WAN technology)

    Managed LAN

    Managed Wireless LAN (including Wi-Fi for Business)
  • What it provides

    Comprehensive network monitoring and management for wide area and IP networks

    Comprehensive LAN switch management supported by our expertise in design, planning, implementation, and network management

    Fully managed premises-based wireless LAN solution offering secure wireless access to company resources or simple cloud-based options; supports analytics, guest Wi-Fi, and splash page support
  • How it can help you

    Allows you to focus on your core business, while controlling risk and obtaining support for upgrades, changes, consolidation, and other complex network issues

    Helps you control costs and network downtime by outsourcing monitoring and management of your LAN

    Enables your employees to stay productive anywhere your wireless signal reaches; options to be fully integrated with Managed WAN experience
  • What we offer

    Managed WAN Optimization Services

    Secure Gateway

    Network Application Performance Management

    Performance Monitoring Solutions
  • What it provides

    Comprehensive tools to help improve performance of your business-critical applications over wide-area links

    Delivers advanced services and applications to allow your remote, retail, or mobile users to securely connect to your private network or the public Internet

    Robust application management offering for infrastructure, topology and end-user experience

    Flexible options to provide visibility into network and device performance
  • How it can help you

    Helps you identify ways to increase performance, decrease latency, and improve overall application efficiency

    Allows you to focus your business resources on strategic functions; can also help you control costs since it uses network-based gateways and our managed hardware

    Provides visibility into mission-critical applications used to run your business

    Allows near real-time visibility into network performance through the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC)

Get network management relief.

To find out more about how Verizon Managed Services can help you increase your organization’s efficiency and competitiveness, contact your account manager.