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Selecting a Professional and Managed Services Vendor: 4 Factors to Consider

Author: Jackie Davis

Every day, federal and state government IT decision-makers make critical decisions about building and protecting mission-critical infrastructure. One of the most important decisions they may make is the choice of a Professional and Managed Service provider to help lead digital transformation. 

To learn more about the importance of partnering with the right vendor and how organizations can feel confident in their choice, we spoke with two Verizon experts: Ray Bauer, Managing Director for Advanced Communications, Enterprise Solutions, and David Reaves, Associate Director for Business Development, Public Sector. 

Bauer and Reaves shared four key considerations that federal and state governments can focus on to find the right partner.

Find a partner you can trust

Because a Professional and Managed Service provider becomes an extension of the agency its working for, “organizations should look for a company that has a known, positive reputation in the industry,” said Bauer. He suggested asking two questions: Does this partner have quality people, process, and technology? And do they increase your organization’s agility and provide reliable service? The vendor you select needs to focus on your core business and, more importantly, your core values, advised Bauer.

Be sure your partner aligns with your core values 

If your vendor doesn’t align with your organization’s values, it’s inevitable that you will run into issues, said Reaves. “The fact that a partner has true core values that focus on citizens and the society as a whole enables the agency mission to drive forward,” he said. Finding an industry partner that fits into a government mission is critical, Bauer added. 

Focus on relevant experience 

The kind of experience you’re looking for involves both experience with technology and experience with constituents. “Depth of experience and experience with domain knowledge should be top of mind,” said Reaves. “How does this enable the mission outcome?” Bauer said organizations should look for vendors that provide best-in-class infrastructure and tools with “firsthand experience and a proven track record.” The constituent experience follows, Reaves said, and is made possible by these tools and services.

Ask about the partner’s own ecosystem

As anyone working on digital transformation knows, it’s a rare project where a single vendor or partner will be able to deliver on the entire scope of a complex project. The advantage of working with a trusted Professional and Managed Services vendor becomes clear as a plan gets closer to execution. “When customers look for support in this area, they are searching for someone that can design and manage technology to enable their mission outcome.” Reaves said they’re looking for “a partner from an industry perspective that can allow you to focus on the mission.” “A partner ecosystem ensures the customer can design, build, and run the mission,” added Bauer.

Finding the right Professional and Managed Services vendor comes down to the vendor’s domain expertise and whether it has the means to deliver the tools and technologies required by your agency’s mission.