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Rapid Response for Federal Government


When cyber threats arise, you have to respond fast. You not only need to contain risk, you also need to protect citizens and data, and preserve evidence. How well you address the cyber threat can make as much news as the event itself.

The best-defended organizations are those that prepare for the unexpected and are supported by fast-moving professionals. We know you face unique challenges, which is why we’ve designed a version of our Rapid Response Retainer service specifically for federal agencies.

Prepare for cyber threats with a service designed specifically to give federal agencies the resources to react quickly and shut down security incidents.


In our Initiation offering, we collect contact information and work with you to decide the best path when you need to escalate a problem. When an incident occurs, you can call our 24/7 hotline and engage our investigative team. We’ll assign an investigative liaison to work with you and the response team.

Initiation also includes cyber threat intelligence from our Research, Investigations, Solutions and Knowledge (RISK) Team. That includes weekly RISK intelligence summary (INTSUM) reports, monthly RISK intelligence briefings over phone or web, and other ad hoc intelligence reports produced by our team.

Capabilities Assessment

In a Capabilities Assessment, we review your existing incident response capabilities, systems, platforms and data stores. This assessment may include:

  • A review of your agency’s existing incident response plan documentation
  • An interview with key incident response stakeholders to determine roles and responsibilities
  • A review of relevant tools, platforms, testing and technologies you use for incident response

We study this information and provide you a report of recommendations and observations so you can better manage risk.

Perimeter NetFlow Collection

The traffic flowing over your network can provide valuable forensic clues and security information. With this level of service, we collect and store your NetFlow data for a 30-day rolling period; you just supply a list of internet IP addresses. In the event that you need to analyze the collected perimeter traffic data, you can order that analysis separately. With this option, we also upgrade delivery times for on-site response and malcode analysis.

On-site/Telephone support

This service helps you identify, contain and remediate suspected breaches. Because every incident is unique, we’ve designed the service in 40-hour blocks. You can order one or more blocks of service to start and place additional orders to obtain more support if necessary. Our On-site/Telephone support typically includes an incident response phase and a forensic analysis phase or malcode analysis. Our experts will work with you to determine which of these components you need.

The right partner to help you react quickly

The need to secure agency data from cyber threats is more important than ever, and our world-class security services can help you protect your global networks. As publisher of the annual Data Breach Investigations Report and one of the world’s leading cyber security providers, we have the expertise to help you prepare for the worst.

Rapid Response for Federal Government gives you access to some of our most experienced security consultants. Plus our understanding of government agencies and our pre-approved government contract options make it easy to work with us. With all of this experience working for you, you can recognize and defend against threats and get better peace of mind.

Rapid Response options

We offer three levels of Rapid Response for Federal Government.

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