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Security policies and best practices to protect your business while operating remotely

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The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the way businesses operate, starting with their human resources. Now more than ever, office employees are becoming a remote workforce. When your employees work remotely, they may be accessing corporate data through unsecure networks, apps and mobile devices. Informing your employees about risks and having the right remote work security policies and tools in place can help keep your business threat ready. 

Here are some tips for keeping your virtual business productive and secure:

Protect your frontline with knowledge. 
Help transform your employees into a powerful line of defense against security threats and risks. Provide them with ongoing security education on the latest threats from experts you trust.

Have the right policies in place. Having the right remote work security policies in place goes a long way to protecting your business.  Consider starting or refining an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) so employees know what websites, apps and networks are permitted for accessing data, so they can avoid potential threats.

Protect all mobile devices, even BYOD. Just because employees may be using their personal mobile devices for work purposes doesn’t mean you can’t protect the data being accessed. A mobile device management solution can help you apply consistent controls and policies to protect data, regardless of whether the device is company-owned or not.

Proactively monitor threats on mobile devices. A threat can come from anywhere and your ability to respond as it happens is key to minimizing its impact. Having a mobile threat detection solution can help you monitor and identify threats before they become a more serious incident.

Balance productivity and security with the Cloud. Many cloud-based apps provide your employees with the tools they need to be productive from almost anywhere. Be sure to verify what security features these apps have before deploying them. Also explore how software defined networking and VPNs can secure data traveling to and from your employees devices and the cloud.

Following these tips puts you well on the way to protecting your corporate data. Verizon has strong security experience and a broad portfolio of security solutions to help you keep your remote workforce secure. 

To learn more about how Verizon can help you enhance your security, contact your Verizon business specialist or explore the links below.

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