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Security Health Checks

Prepare your company with Security Health Checks available from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. We’ll pinpoint your security vulnerabilities and help strengthen your protection.

Confidently pursue opportunities while guarding against potential threats.

Identify your organization’s security strengths and security vulnerabilities with Security Health Checks from Verizon.

In the constant drive to remain competitive and relevant, today’s organizations are seeking ways to become more efficient, to understand and engage customers, and to grow business.

The transformation to a more digital environment makes it easier to pursue these opportunities, but can also expose enterprises to more potential threats.

Verizon Security Health Checks can help you assess your current level of incident preparedness, review your response plan, recognize existing breaches and identify possible security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Knowing the challenges your organization faces removes the guesswork, and is the first step toward protecting vital company assets and customer information.

The digital transformation of business introduces both opportunities and risks. Mitigate breaches and potential risks with proven tactics performed by a team of security experts.

Security Health Checks combine on-site methods, Internet traffic-pattern analysis, and the expertise of our Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) Team to help you better prepare for, recognize, and respond to threats.

The impact of digital transformation

More than ever before, you have a tremendous opportunity to improve business performance and drive growth. By analyzing data, you gain insight into preferences and trends, and can reach out through mobile applications and social networks to engage customers on a more personal level. With machine-to-machine technology, you can automate the flow of communication through much of your supply chain to gain efficiencies and make decisions based on current data. Several other technology solutions offer similar benefits that, when applied to your specific needs in your industry, can produce real competitive advantages.

And yet, opening up to a digital world also opens the door to new security vulnerabilities for your business. New technologies and new ways of doing business create opportunities for intruders to steal sensitive information and disrupt your day-to-day operations.

Security threats take a variety of forms. According to the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 86 percent of security incidents analyzed over the past 12 years fit into nine basic patterns: cyberespionage, point-of-sale intrusions, web-app attacks, crimeware, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, payment card skimmers, physical theft and loss, insider misuse, and errors.1 Motives ranged from financial gain to espionage, and from ideology to mischief—the greater the payoff, the more negative the business impact.

It’s imperative to know exactly where you stand—to better recognize risks and identify effective ways to respond to threats.

Strengthen your security position

Despite the risks, the advantages of leveraging new technologies to move your business forward remain. This is why it’s imperative to know exactly where you stand—to better recognize risks, address potential attacks, shore up vulnerabilities and identify effective ways to respond to threats.

We offer a series of Security Health Checks to help your organization confidently pursue opportunities, while reducing business risk.

Executive Breach Simulation

Evaluate your current incident response plan to help improve your security capabilities and processes. Our VTRAC Team consultants will conduct a mock breach exercise to identify gaps in your plan and test your preparedness for handling a variety of IT security incidents, including data breaches.

Espionage Health Check

Recognize security breaches in progress and determine which of your systems are most susceptible to cyber-attacks and persistent threats. We provide an on-site inspection of your critical systems, and an analysis of internet traffic patterns to detect communications with known bad actors and malicious traffic patterns, then provide recommendations you can employ to help protect and defend your organization from cyber-espionage.

Retail Health Check

Identify evidence of security breaches, uncover potential vulnerabilities, and become aware of the latest industry threats with a proactive assessment of your environment. If you’ve been exposed, we’ll help you identify which vulnerabilities have already been exploited, and what data was stolen. We combine on-site system review with analysis of internet communications to detect threat patterns and recommend how you can reinforce your defenses. Ideal for retail and hospitality organizations.

Attack Detection Assessment

Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your current threat detection technologies and processes. Research from our DBIR shows that, on average, the time frame from initial point of intrusion until the victim realizes they have a problem spans almost seven months, giving your organization a window to catch and react to cyberattack indicators. We’ll recommend cost-effective ways to detect modern cyber-attacks quickly and reliably so you can be aware of potential breaches before it’s too late.

Incident Analytics

Leverage the Vocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing (VERIS) framework and our comprehensive DBIR to collect, classify and analyze incidents specific to your organization. Using consistent security-incident metrics across your organization, you’ll be able to improve decision-making, planning, resource allocation, risk management and your overall security program management.

200,000+ security incidents and 8,000+ confirmed data breaches analyzed by our risk team in more than a decade of our Data Breach Investigations Reports.

Why Verizon?

Our goal is to help your organization take advantage of today’s technology while being better prepared to recognize and respond to threats. As one of the most respected and capable security service providers in the world, we’ll partner with you to safeguard your systems and your data.

With more than 500 security consultants around the globe, we’re dedicated to helping you understand threats and attack patterns from multiple sources. Our nine state-of-the-art Security Operation Centers aggregate and analyze data to provide strategic, tactical and applied intelligence for many of the world’s largest organizations. And we publish the annual Data Breach Investigations Report, providing the most comprehensive framework for comparative analysis and effective response expertise.

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To find out how Security Health Checks can help your organization seize opportunities and mitigate potential threats, contact your account manager or visit:

1 Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report