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Security Incident Response Analytics

Strategically learn from your security incident responses. Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Incident Analytics Service is a data driven security analysis.

Gain intelligence to mitigate risk and prevent costly attacks.

Incident Analytics Service

Cyber-attacks are increasing in number and complexity, but organizations like yours don’t have to play victim to these threats of theft and disruption. An efficient, thorough security analysis of these incidents and their related impact to your business can help you make the decisions necessary to strategically mitigate risk and quickly restore normal operations.

Our Incident Analytics Service helps you collect, classify and analyze incidents to improve your planning and risk management, and build a stronger security program. We can provide you with outcome-based insights—compared with anonymous incident data from similar organizations—to measure the success of your overall security program management.

61+ billion

On average, we monitor 61 billion+ security events and 550 million incidents annually.

Turn your security incident response data into actionable risk management insights to help protect your entire infrastructure.

The Incident Analytics Service can help you improve your security:

  • Decision making
  • Strategic planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Risk management
  • Program management

Gain intelligence from an expansive incident dataset.

Develop strong security metrics based on incidents of all types and severity for a robust risk-management program. Each incident contributes to a detail-rich dataset that, over time, enables the creation of in-depth analytics for your organization by the team responsible for the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The DBIR presents statistics based on post-incident forensics analyzed by our Investigative Response team and is one of the most comprehensive datasets of security incident responses available.

Our Incident Analytics Service is a customized engagement—similar to your own mini-DBIR—that provides you with findings and intelligence directly related to your organization’s security practice. The service provides a tool to help improve your decision-making abilities, so you can strengthen your countermeasures and defenses using analysis of security incident responses occurring within your organization.

To help improve your ability to effectively manage risk and combat threats within your organization, implement the components of the Incident Analytics Service:

Fortify your plan with a proven security architecture

To fully examine incident evidence and deliver post-incident security analysis, we implement the Vocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing(VERIS) framework. VERIS contributes to the expansive DBIR dataset and provides a common language for describing incidents in a structured and repeatable manner to help clarify cause and severity, and improve your risk management.

Receive expert security analysis and reporting

We provide analytical and reporting functions critical to your security management program. Our team examines your incident data to diagnose root ailments, recurring patterns, and top threats to deliver justified treatment options.

Consult with a team of professionals

Our RISK Team of researchers, responsible for the DBIR and the Verizon Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Report, can help you identify specific controls and strategies to improve your security program.


The Incident Analytics Service helps you collect, classify and analyze incidents to improve your planning and risk management, and build a stronger security program.


Strengthen your incident response program

Refine internal documentation, security analysis and trending processes, while strengthening your incident response program’s ability to improve your risk management.

Measure success through outcome-based metrics

Evaluate metrics of actual security failures and losses for a clearer view of your security capabilities. These metrics reveal the possible underlying disparity between the risks you face and the controls you employ.

Support evidence-based risk management

We analyze implied frequency and impact metrics, so you can apply an evidence-based approach to your risk management. The Incident Analytics Service replaces estimates, opinions and guesses with authentic historical data.

Employ strategic risk mitigation tactics

Take the complexity out of your risk identification efforts by prioritizing security initiatives based on near- and long-term risk remediation and cost-effectiveness. We’ll help you identify and prioritize the risks that are most critical to your organization.

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