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Considering remote IT solutions for your small business

For those who have spent their careers in an office environment, these are disorienting times. It can be doubly so for employers, many of which are still scrambling to support remote workers scattered across counties, cities and states—and beyond their firewall. Compounding this challenge is the need for remote employees to learn new collaboration tools or SaaS-based productivity programs. These make a nimble, responsive IT solution more vital than ever, but the challenges for supporting each remote worker can overwhelm organizations of any size. But with a flexible suite of remote, on-demand IT support solutions, not only can remote employees be prepared to succeed, but your business can be ready to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Communication is essential for success: Whether through video chat, VoIP, instant messaging or voice, standing up clear lines of communication is a foundational activity. When a remote employee is having trouble navigating a secure login point or VPN setup, or simply struggling with network reliability, always-on communication options can mean the difference between a productive or a lost afternoon.

Have a team, even without a team: Self-guided troubleshooting of software or driver issues? Making sure your collaboration software is set up securely? Cloud storage and backup setup? Access to 24/7 expert tech support enables you and your employees to stay focused on business, not on tackling thorny tech issues. And with your permission, IT experts can remotely log in to a business device to diagnose and fix tech issues in near-real time.

Essential hardware: Working from home may bring distractions. Remote working can get loud. That is where a Bluetooth-enabled wireless headset can truly make a difference. It allows team members to take calls easily and stealthily, without sensitive information blaring from a laptop speaker.

Our new normal: Conferencing has replaced in-person meetings. With Verizon's video, net and audio conferencing services, team members can collaborate with colleagues in real time. Provisioned with these tools, some best practices still apply. To help ensure a stable, high-quality experience for all, use video only when necessary. Only invite team members essential to the project. And if possible, try not to schedule calls at the top of the hour, when a spike in connections tends to occur.    

Safe and secure: According to the Verizon 2020 Mobile Security Index, 45% of organizations said that their defenses are “falling behind attackers’ capabilities”—and that was before shelter-in-place orders put the workforce at home. Verizon’s Software Defined Perimeter can defeat network-based attacks, bringing peace of mind to organizations large and small.


Percentage of surveyed business leaders more likely to consider use of online IT tech support Services as a result of COVID-19.1


Percentage of surveyed business leaders expected to make new investments in devices, infrastructure or services as a result of COVID-19.2


Number of Verizon employees working from home—over 80% of our workforce.3 We’re in this with you, too.

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