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Take Control of Infrastructure Security with Intelligent Video Surveillance

Let security personnel monitor critical areas with Intelligent Video surveillance solutions from Verizon. Make your surveillance more efficient, today.

What if you could identify risks and step up security in near real time?

Every organization has a heart, a hub, a place that’s the headquarters of operations. In terms of infrastructure security, this is a prime target. Critical facilities are top priorities that you want to protect—at the edge— vulnerable to attack for different reasons. Dams, power plants and oil refineries can be remote. Water systems, pump jacks and warehouses are often left unattended. The edge includes your furthermost assets, but also areas prone to crime and high-traffic areas that are vital to communities like airports, parks and bridges. Here you need to not only protect assets, but also people.

Traditional video-surveillance solutions require significant investment to get cameras at the edge and storage aligned. Streaming and long- term storage of all that data costs money. Plus, it takes a team of security personnel to watch feeds and spot risks and events as they occur.

Together, the capital and operating costs of this approach can be daunting.

Get relevant video in front of key personnel in near real time.

With Verizon Intelligent Video, security personnel can focus on infrastructure security by monitoring your critical facilities, without really being at the edge.

  • Cameras record high-quality video at the edge.
  • Data is stored on local storage devices sized for short-term needs. All long-term storage goes to the Verizon cloud.
  • Edge analytics spot unusual or abnormal behaviors and trigger alerts.
  • Relevant video clips are sent over the Verizon 4G LTE network to the cloud.
  • Our cloud-based Intelligent Video Management System both archives video and shares it with authorized personnel at a desk or on the go.
  • Authorized personnel can watch video remotely—in near real time—enabling better decisions, fast response times and effective interventions

Make surveillance more efficient.

Verizon Intelligent Video surveillance changes the game by offering a comprehensive bundled surveillance-as-a-service solution that covers licensing, support and cloud and wireless network access.

  • Easy entry on a pay-as-you-go model
  • Pre-engineered and integrated for proper functionality and compatibility
  • No need to work with multiple vendors
  • Storage at the edge that reduces the need for costly server space
  • Quick, efficient deployment—gets up and running fast
  • Good fit for areas where networking isn’t available or is too costly to install

Why Verizon

When it comes to infrastructure security, the network matters. We offer America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network. Our testers drive a million miles a year to make sure we provide reliable service. Nearly all of our towers have backup generators to help keep them working during blackouts. Because reliability means you can depend on us whenever you need us.

We offer a complete solution, with expertise in cloud, machine-to-machine technology and the Internet of Things. Ninety-four percent of the Fortune 1000 relies on our wired and wireless services and technologies. And we’re the leading communications provider to the U.S. federal government.

Broad coverage, fast speeds and reliable connections. So you can protect what’s important, with help from a trusted partner. Verizon.

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