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ThingSpace IoT Management

Change how you do business with IoT management and more from Verizon. ThingSpace is a self-service portal where you can manage IoT device connections.

Things can talk. What they say can change the way you do business.

Verizon ThingSpace Manage

In a world where you can make anything “smart” with sensors and Web connections, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers up innovative products and services, significant savings on operational costs, new sources of revenue and entirely new business models.

Connections make it happen.

Whether your IoT management solution manages parking meters, vending machines, truck fleets, storage tanks or wearable technology, connections between remote devices and applications and data stores are what make them work. When business relies on data from remote assets, managing connections becomes mission critical. IoT system managers need to take things in and out of service according to device life cycle and business needs. They have to make sure devices connect and transmit data properly. And they have to monitor how much it costs to send data from remote locations.

To efficiently manage many IoT devices, managers need to automate operations as much as possible, and focus on the things that can’t be automated.

Verizon ThingSpace Manage portal is a seamless self-service IoT management portal where you can organize IoT device connections.

  • Activate, suspend, restore or deactivate service on the Verizon Wireless network.
  • Make hardware or SIM swaps.
  • Troubleshoot, monitor and manage usage in near real time.
  • Configure alerts to notify you of exceptions.

You can also automate connectivity management tasks with easy-to-use RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) available on ThingSpace Develop. It’s a single point of entry to an IoT management ecosystem that includes devices, connectivity options, application enablement services and tools for the IoT developer community.

ThingSpace Manage

Verizon’s ThingSpace platform includes a connectivity management solution for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE devices that are certified on the Verizon Wireless network. The ThingSpace Manage portal provides specialized features to provision, monitor, troubleshoot and control the connectivity and usage of IoT devices. With streamlined bulk transactions, custom fields, configurable alerts and life-cycle states, ThingSpace Manage was built for the scale and complexity of today’s IoT systems.

IoT customers access ThingSpace Manage directly when they log into the verizonwireless.com business portal. ThingSpace Manage is next to the Wireless & Mobility interface for billing.

Manage Verizon Wireless connectivity throughout the IoT device life cycle.

ThingSpace Manage includes an easy-to-use wizard to guide you when you submit service transactions online.

  • Activate, suspend, resume or deactivate up to 10,000 devices in a single transaction.
  • Enter device identifiers manually, by search criteria or by file upload.
  • Change service plans.
  • Swap hardware or change the wireless number.
  • View recent transaction status on the home page.
  • View transaction details from both portal and API sources in the transaction logs.

Monitor devices quickly and effortlessly.

  • View system-wide status on the home page, and drill down to details using the quick links.
  • Search and filter device lists by numerous criteria, and drill down for more details such as usage estimates, connectivity status and history, IP address, service state and history, customer-defined attributes and more.
  • View near real-time connectivity status and usage information.
  • Run standard and custom reports to facilitate management of devices, service, usage and costs.
  • Search, sort, identify and track devices using custom properties.

Manage service efficiently.

You can set ThingSpace Manage to notify you when usage, connectivity or status changes happen outside your definition of normal for your individual devices or groups of devices. An easy-to-use wizard guides you in configuring custom alerts.

  • Automatically suspend service for rogue devices or devices that have been relocated without authorization.
  • Monitor data usage thresholds.
  • Monitor service transactions.

Administer effectively and securely.

  • Manage user permissions and account-level security.
  • View user activities and system events in a detailed audit trail.

Automation unlocks even more productivity.

Many IoT solution managers have to provision, monitor and control a lot of devices. To manage them effectively, you need the ability to move devices through their life cycles automatically, managing them from other enterprise systems.

For example, you might activate service when testing units during manufacturing, suspend service when assigning units to warehouse inventory locations and then resume service when selling or fielding a unit.

ThingSpace Develop provides easy-to-use RESTful APIs that allow you to integrate connectivity management tasks with your enterprise applications. This automation can improve operational efficiency.

ThingSpace Develop

ThingSpace Develop provides a single point of entry to an IoT ecosystem that includes device kits, APIs, application services, simulators, trial accounts and more for the IoT developer community.

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