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Threat Intel and Response Services

Protect your business with Threat Intel and Response Services from Verizon. You’ll be in good hands with proven industry leaders.

Prepare intelligently, respond quickly.

Threat Intel and Response Service

Your business has never been more connected—or more vulnerable. If you aren’t prepared with actionable threat intelligence and response capabilities to help fight against cyber threats, hackers can invade your network and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, destroying your data and ruining your brand in the process. With Threat Intel and Response Service, we can help you to better manage risk by proactively leveraging high-fidelity threat intelligence, combined with cyber situational awareness, into your enterprise.

The best defense strategy not only prepares you to react quickly to security incidents, but uses threat intelligence to help you anticipate problems before they become serious. With one of the largest networks in the world, we have the advantage of extensive network visibility—and the deep insights that provides. Our team of security experts leverages that visibility to produce actionable threat intelligence that helps you proactively secure all your sensitive data.

Threat Intel and Response Service is set up to help you plan your defense against possible threats, and take fast action to identify and contain unexpected incidents. You’ll get a wealth of around-the-clock security support and benefits, including:

  • Customized threat intelligence. As a global producer of cyber intelligence, we are able to provide you very targeted threat information while putting it in context. Based on your package, you’ll get Cyber Brand Intelligence, backbone NetFlow and incident packet analytics to help you move from reacting to threats to preventing them. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our Cyber Reputation Response Center, and we’ll provide you a threat advisory feed and Cyber Brand Intelligence research1 to help you stay up to date on the evolving state of your security
  • A designated expert. You’ll be partnered with an experienced investigative liaison from the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) team, who will get familiar with your organization and incident response processes, provide security-response training and lead response efforts if you have a security incident.
  • Access to Verizon RISK intelligence. Depending on which package you choose, reports, analysis, advice on key risk categories, high-profile security issues, early warning intelligence and actionable guidance on how to counter threats are all at your fingertips.
  • A cyber-incident capability assessment. Choose from a range of services to help identify how prepared you really are.
  • An incident escalation hotline. You’ll have 24/7 access to our incident hotline, and an investigator will assist you with incident scoping, containment, investigatory and evidence-handling best practices.
  • Response times backed by SLAs. If there’s a critical security issue, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we’ll deliver on your Threat Intel and Response Service service level agreement (SLA).
  • Expert security consulting support. You’ll have access to our investigative response and security support professionals. For additional security support needed beyond your program, you’ll receive a discounted rate.

Plan and defend against threats, and take fast action to identify, contain and respond to incidents.

Time is of the essence.

No matter their size, all cyber-attacks demand fast action. Whether there’s a clear incident or just a threat of one, with Threat Intel and Response Service, you’ll have a team of investigators and experts at the ready and just a phone call away.

  • Contact us as soon as you suspect a threat. With our competitive response SLAs, you’ll have an expert on the case by phone within three hours, and, if needed, an on-site investigator will be in transit to your premises within 24 hours.2
  • We’ll begin working to pinpoint the source of the suspect network or system activity right away and determine the full extent of informational losses—and then take the necessary steps to help you contain the breach.
  • Beyond identifying attacker tools, techniques and procedures, we can help preserve and document material evidence and conduct a thorough forensic investigation.

The choice is yours.

Whether you need to fully outsource your investigative response, want to co-source a portion of your incident handling, or are just looking to enhance your threat intelligence capabilities, we have the right Threat Intel and Response Service package for you.

Essential package

  • On-site data collection
  • Forensic imaging and analysis
  • Malware analysis
  • Electronic data recovery
  • Proper evidence handling
  • Secure evidence transport, storage and analysis

Plus package

  • All Essential features
  • Cyber Brand Intelligence
  • 24x7 access to our Cyber Reputation Response Center
  • Threat advisory feed
  • Monthly briefing
  • Custom reporting

Premium package

  • All Plus features
  • Touchless collection, retention and processing of customer NetFlow

-On-demand or periodic matching against Verizon-supplied indicators of compromise (IOCs)

-A minimum 30-day rolling window

  • Incident packet analysis and reporting (based on contracted hours)
  • One network sensor
  • Data analysis of endpoint protection software

Optional services

  • Pre-purchased RISK service hours
  • Additional keyword bundles
  • Additional network sensors
  • Additional seats of endpoint protection
  • Proactive threat hunting

Get actionable cyber intelligence directly from the source. Our team of security experts writes the book on the state of cyber security in our annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Why Verizon

For threat intelligence to be truly effective, it has to go well beyond simple collection and distribution. Raw data doesn’t do you much good, because it lacks the context and scope you need to take action. With Threat Intel and Response Service, you’ll get access to some of our most experienced security consultants—who produce true, actionable intelligence. Each year, these experts leverage our global backbone and vast network of intelligence sources to write the book on cyber security with our annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). A respected piece of thought leadership, the DBIR is one of the most comprehensive reports of its kind, giving valuable insights into the evolving state of security.

When you’re up against a cyber threat, you need capabilities tailored to effective incident planning and response. With our solutions and services, we offer a vendor-neutral approach to deliver the solution that’s right for you. We have the intelligence, experience and expert analysis to not only track nefarious activity, but to assess how it impacts risk—and to help you best defend against it.

Learn more.

To find out more about how Threat Intel and Response Service provides the intelligence you need to act quickly against cyber-attacks, contact your account manager or visit: /products/security/incident-response.

1Cyber Brand Protection research is limited at up to 15 keywords.

2 Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. See your Verizon account manager for details.

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