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Usage-Based Car Insurance Solutions

Create more value for both your customers and your business with usage-based car insurance technology from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Create more value for current customers and attract new ones with the help of usage-based car insurance technology from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Usage-Based Insurance Solutions from Verizon leverage advances in Machine-to-Machine technology to help transform the way your business delivers insurance, driving opportunities for increased revenue and profits alongside an increased incentive for driving safely. Turn to our usage-based car insurance solutions to gain more power over the way you price your services and reward safe drivers.

An easily installed telematics device in the customers' cars collects and transmits data on driving behavior, using factors like speed, distance traveled, and braking patterns to create a composite score for each driver that reflects how safely they tend to drive. In turn, this score can be used as the basis for specialized pricing that rewards safe driving. And this incentive-based pricing can be the difference—in today's competitive climate—between keeping the best customers and not.

Improve your risk profile and increase customer value with these usage-based car insurance solutions that can be implemented quickly and at a low cost. Once you begin utilizing our Usage-Based Insurance Solutions, you'll also have access to a large pool of aggregated telematics and insurance data from the Towers Watson DriveAbility program. With this data you can provide more accurate ratings and underwriting.

Start driving better results for your company and your drivers today with the usage-based car insurance solutions available from Verizon Enterprise Solutions and backed by the nation's largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.