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Verizon Collaboration Services: Erase Boundaries and Communicate with Ease

Enable teamwork and drive innovation with scalable productivity and collaboration services from the communication experts at Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions

As digitalization drives changes in business processes, employees expect to connect and stay productive in more ways and places than ever before. Customers need to interface with your company to inquire, compare, and order your products and services—many times without ever communicating with any of your employees. Machines have to talk with you and each other to share data, control processes, and alert you to anomalies. For you to scale effectively and reach business goals, collaboration must occur at every level.

Verizon’s Productivity and Collaboration solutions enable you to consolidate your voice and data applications to enhance employee productivity and enable secure communications between you, your partners, and your customers.

The importance of Engagement

Employee engagement can improve your competitive standing, and is critical to innovation and sustained company growth. And collaboration is essential to help you scale and drive your business.

These days, customers are better informed. They know your products and your competitors’. They expect instant information. Your company’s messaging must be ever-present—on internal sites, on public web pages, and on social networking platforms.

Employees expect to be able to access company information from virtually anywhere, on any type of device. And your line-of-business managers expect you to be able to support active collaboration to drive sales and control operational costs. Employees and customers alike expect content-rich information that may include video or even live event coverage, driving the need for dynamic bandwidth, computing, and storage resources.

Put simply, collaboration no longer means a phone call or an e-mail. It means interactive communication—instant messaging, immediate access to information, and seamless customer handoffs—all at the blink of an eye. Human interaction and engagement has become enabled and dependent on interaction with devices and even machines.

New tools can improve collaboration

Your collaboration tools may work for today’s employees and meet your current market needs. But new employees demand more and competitors are pushing harder to get your customers. Millennials expect instant and video-rich information. And IT business tools are being driven by consumer-based services.

Collaboration services that let employees communicate effectively with each other foster innovation and growth. Adopting new devices and ways to collaborate can give you a jump on the competition. And cloud-based applications help you avoid inflexible capital spend lifecycles so you can easily adopt new technology.

Innovation and business growth depend on improving employee collaboration efficiency and making it easy for employees to work and learn, no matter the time or location. Without this, talent may be lost and difficult to regain. And without an effective way to answer customer questions, sales will be lost to the competition.

Integrated tools for easy collaboration

Our Productivity and Collaboration solutions give you the tools to enable collaboration among your employees, so you can easily address customer inquiries and grow your business. We integrate IP networking with hosted voice, web conferencing, file sharing, and mobility services for instant collaboration among employees. Collaboration services can be scaled with low capital, helping you grow your business dynamically, when you need to.

Secure, on-demand access to business information makes it easier for your mobile employees to quickly turn market changes into sales. Our cloud-based mobility management tools allow you to provision and manage user access based on security policies.

Implement and manage efficiently

We understand that implementing new systems is not just about technology. It’s also about how your systems interact with your employees to solve business challenges and improve engagement with your customers. That’s why our Productivity and Collaboration solutions include support from our consulting experts.

  • IT Professional Services help you save time and resources with your system upgrades.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration Professional Services focus on everything from strategy planning and design to ongoing system management.
  • Our Security Professional Services can help you stay ahead of the threat of cyber attacks.
  • And because migrating databases to the cloud for easy access and collaboration is complex, our Cloud Professional Services are available to help you make that transition.

Why Verizon

We offer scalable collaboration services around the globe and our global IP network can connect businesses with dynamic bandwidth in over 150 countries and territories. So when you’re ready to bring all your collaboration services under one roof, we can help you control costs while managing applications and multiple devices. And to make sure it all happens smoothly, our Professional Services teams provide a full spectrum of business and technical guidance to help customers create and take advantage of prime opportunities for greater success. Our 1,000+ expert consultants are located around the world, ready to help you plan, design, and implement next-generation technologies, so you can gain a competitive edge and increase value to market.

Find out how Verizon Productivity and Collaboration solutions can help unite your communications and get your teams working at top speed. Contact your account manager or visit verizonenterprise.com to learn more.