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Verizon Condition-Based Maintenance Solutions

Limit costly downtime with our condition monitoring solutions, like condition-based maintenance from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Even machines working hard under ideal conditions break down sometimes. But when your business relies on these machines to provide goods and services—and your customers rely on your business—extensive or frequent maintenance can take its toll on your bottom line and the level of your customers' satisfaction. That's where Verizon Enterprise Solutions comes in. Our condition monitoring solutions, namely condition-based maintenance, can help limit unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime to keep your machines working for you and your business for your customers.

What makes these connected machines work? Embedded sensors enable condition monitoring by delivering a steady stream of data about how machines are running to decision-makers. These sensors, which are connected to the Verizon network, can tell you about a custom set of parameters that you have established. Track anything from temperature and shock to fluid levels and acoustic abnormalities, and learn about potential mechanical problems before they become serious. Condition monitoring backed by the reliable Verizon network keeps you proactive and in the know, instead of reactive and in the dark. And that can help you develop more predictive, condition-based maintenance practices.

All the data generated by these condition monitoring sensors is collected and centralized in an online, self-service platform, allowing you to get critical information easily and all in one place as well as share it with other decision-makers. On this platform, you can monitor the health of your equipment, schedule maintenance, and make sure that your operations continue running smoothly.

Condition-based maintenance and monitoring don't just end at the factory floor, though. It can be extended to cover your products that are out in the field as well. Using Verizon Enterprise Solutions tools for condition monitoring, you can wirelessly capture equipment diagnostics and, in turn, offer extended service and warranty contracts to your customers while being proactive about providing maintenance and repairs on the equipment you provide. Ultimately, condition monitoring solutions can help you build loyalty and stronger relationships with your customers.

With predictive and condition-based maintenance practices that are supported by the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network from Verizon, you can help control equipment costs, breakdowns, and downtime while helping to increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction.