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Quickly scale network security to stay ahead of threats.


Virtual Network Services – Security

In 2015, 89 percent of breaches had either financial or espionage motives.1 The explosive growth of digital dependence, combined with the need to avoid costly data breaches and protect intellectual property, means you need to make network security a top priority.

But keeping your sensitive data safe only gets harder as your business grows and demands on the network keep evolving. As your network environment becomes more complex, the amount of mission-critical data flowing across your network rises higher and higher. And if there is a breach, you need to be able to contain it quickly so it doesn’t spread beyond that segment of your network.

Unfortunately, many traditional security appliances don’t have the speed and flexibility to keep network breaches segmented. But that’s only the beginning of the problems you face if you try to secure your business the traditional way.

Specialized security hardware appliances mean large capital investments. Add to that the time and difficulty in maintaining them and you end up with a high total cost of ownership (TCO). But a larger concern is that it can take weeks or months to simply deploy or upgrade a hardware appliance.

Those delays become even more certain if the appliance needs to be integrated with routing, WAN optimization or other hardware devices at the same location.

These delays make it harder to secure your data, and can set back or prevent you from deploying new mission-critical applications that you need to run or grow your business. Fortunately, the virtualization that happened in the data center is now happening in the network. And that means we can help you take out the complexity and difficulty of securing your business and mission-critical data with our Virtual Network Services – Security.

Quickly spin up virtual network security.

To help you better and more reliably secure your business, Verizon Virtual Network Services – Security replaces traditional appliance-based security services with security-specific virtual network functions (VNFs). In most cases, you can quickly and easily spin up the virtual network security services you need from the vendors you want in just a few days or even less. That means no more waiting weeks or months to get the security your business and applications depend on. You can quickly scale up global policies to help you secure mission-critical data. You can upgrade your firewall or get a new one from a different vendor faster than it took with your initial deployment. That helps you keep your security current and at the proper levels, while letting you go with the vendors you want.

Verizon is recognized as a leader in delivering networking, security and cloud solutions that can help you with game-changing virtualization initiatives.

You can get all the flexibility you need from easy-to-deploy universal customer premises equipment (uCPE). With a single uCPE per site, you can choose to run multiple network services, such as routing, WAN optimization and SD WAN in plug-and-play fashion. Better yet, Verizon Virtual Network Services – Security lets you choose from different vendors, each with their own unique security features.

This includes vendors like Juniper, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Cisco. And our automated orchestration and service chaining link all the different services so they work seamlessly together as a unified service. That gives you the service agility you need to better secure your network.

Take advantage of the following virtual network security services, depending on the service level you choose:

Essential virtual network security services

  • Built-in routing capabilities such as network address translation (NAT) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • Firewall services
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Internet Protocol security (IPsec)/ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Complete virtual network security services

  • Threat prevention
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Anti-spam and anti-malware
  • URL filtering

Flexibly control costs and services.

To make sure you get the services you need while controlling costs, Virtual Network Services – Security is all about flexibility. Choose from different service tiers with up to five different service sizes (i.e., small to extra-large) to meet your network requirements. Since the solution is vendor neutral, you can avoid vendor lock-in and have the freedom to shop from a rich ecosystem of leading vendors, mixing and matching the services that best fit your needs. And our flexible pricing models with cost-effective, flat monthly billing options help you balance capital expense (CAPEX) and operational expense (OPEX) spending.

Free up your resources.

To simplify management and let you focus on your business, Virtual Network Services – Security comes with full service management. That includes service activation, physical and logical change management, security policy patching, monitoring and more. All of this works with world-class transport services from Verizon, like Private IP and Internet Dedicated Services.

Benefits of virtual network security services

  • Quickly scale and meet evolving needs with fast, on-demand deployment of security services.
  • Better control the spread of breaches with network micro-segmentation.
  • Choose the services you need from the vendors you want with multiple plug-and-play services on a single uCPE device.
  • Control costs and CAPEX spending.
  • Free up resources to focus more on business objectives.

Quickly and easily spin up the virtual network security services you need from the vendors you want.

Virtual network security services use case


  • Long deployment times
  • Delays in keeping up with software upgrades for each appliance
  • High maintenance and TCO of physical appliances
  • High speed and flexibility needs for specialized appliances
  • Multiple remote locations
  • Scarce resources

Our solution: Verizon Virtual Network Services – Security

  • Easy-to-deploy uCPE
  • Plug-and-play VNFs, such as firewall, DLP, threat prevention, IPsec, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defense, IDS, IPS and more


  • Simple setup of uCPE with automated service activation feature.
  • Order desired VNFs from self-service portal.
  • Spin up VNFs quickly and efficiently.

Business outcome

  • Better isolation of data breaches with micro-segmentation of the network
  • More flexible and rapid service deployment
  • Simpler centralized management
  • Freed up internal resources

Take out the complexity and difficulty of securing your business and mission-critical data.

Why Verizon

As your one-stop shop for managed virtual network services, we make it easy to get the agility, flexibility and performance you need to help secure your network and meet the fast-changing demands of business. Verizon is recognized as a leader in delivering networking, security and cloud solutions that provide game-changing virtualization initiatives for the modern, hyper-connected world.

We have a rich ecosystem of partners for providing the VNFs you need. With our experience managing over 300,000 security, network and hosting devices and over 4,000 customer networks in 142 countries, you can have confidence in our ability to smooth your transition to virtual network services and deliver the end-to-end managed services that will help you protect your mission-critical data and your business. And 98 percent of the Fortune 500 rely on our services and technologies.

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To find out how you can get the agility and flexibility to secure your network ahead of the rapid changes to the threat landscape, contact your Verizon account representative or visit the Virtual Network Services – Security product page today.

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1. 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report