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Virtual Network Services



Simplify your network.

Virtual Network Services

Network needs are constantly evolving, but it can be complex and costly to deploy and manage traditional network solutions. You often need different devices from different vendors to cover individual functions. With Virtual Network Services from Verizon, you address the problems of disparate devices, applications and configuration models in your ecosystem, while controlling costs and responding quickly to changing needs.

Meet the new enterprise network solution.

Virtual Network Services lets you leave behind the old labor-intensive, slow-to-deploy and complex mix of devices, technologies and configuration models. Instead, you can move toward an agile, resilient and fluid service delivery model that quickly and easily changes to help you capitalize on new opportunities in automation, analytics and customer engagement. Our solution provides a scalable, fully managed platform that integrates with a portfolio of technologies from industry-leading providers.

Create a competitive edge with an application-driven network.

As part of our Software Defined Networking product suite, Virtual Network Services turns your physical network into an on-demand virtual network. That helps simplify management and control capital expense while increasing business agility, scalability and responsiveness. That means you can:

  • Deploy services and updates in days, hours or even minutes.
  • React automatically to spikes in demand, and quickly scale to meet evolving service deployments with rules-based management.
  • Easily budget and manage costs through an operational expense model.
  • Maintain agility and innovation by eliminating vendor lock-in.
  • Decrease risk as you test, innovate and evolve new services.
  • Create more intelligent network solutions, with enhanced routing, easier management and greater flexibility.

Get the flexibility your business needs.

Virtual Network Services is all about flexibility and scalability, with size options to fit your specific service requirements—whether it’s a retail kiosk or a data center deployment.

For even more flexibility, up to three feature set options (Essential, Core, Complete) are available for each network service package.



Includes standard firewall protection and Virtual Private Network


Delivers secure overlay across any transport using IPsec, basic quality of service (QoS) and split tunnel; offers static IP routing, automatic secure tunnel setup at scale


Provides basic routing features Core Essential services, plus:


Essential services, plus:


Provides a selected set of popular additional features, such as intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services


Supports a greater number of VPNs and allows advanced policy setting and management

WAN Optimization

Covers a predefined set of essential services required for any network environment, including TCP acceleration/transport streamlining, deep packet inspection (DPI), QoS, and DPI- and host table-authenticated application path selection


Includes standard features provided by router vendor, plus full service management and transport services


Essential and Core services, plus all available features from your selected security, SD WAN, WAN optimization and routing vendors. Access the services you want and control costs.

A move from traditional to virtual networks allows you to control spending.

Since the solution is vendor neutral, you have the freedom to shop from a rich ecosystem of Verizon-approved, leading vendors, mixing and matching the services that best suit your organization. Flexible pricing models with cost-effective fixed monthly billing options and a low upfront investment help balance your capital and operational spending.

Free up more resources.

To make it even easier to benefit from your virtual network, we give you world-class, end-to-end, fully managed services. We take care of everything from your initial deployment to your lifecycle management needs. All backed by our global team of more than 1,000 professional services experts and competitive service level agreements. We take care of your network, so you can focus on growing your business.

Mix and match world-class network services from a rich ecosystem of leading vendors.

The Verizon advantage

As your one-stop shop for managed Virtual Network Services, we make it easy to get the agility, flexibility and performance you need from your network. Verizon is globally recognized as a leader in providing networking, security and cloud solutions and we deliver game-changing virtualization for the modern, hyper-connected world. With our experience managing more than 400,000 security, network and hosting devices, and over 4,000 customer networks in 150+ countries, you can be confident in our ability to deliver the end-to-end managed services you need.

Learn more.

Find out how you can deploy and manage a more efficient, intelligent network with Virtual Network Services. Contact your account representative today or visit our Virtual Networking product page today.

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